The 2020 Ford Lineup

Find out how Ford is making a push to become one of the most intriguing Auto makers on the market

The 2020 Ford lineup comes with an assortment of exciting vehicles. When you buy a Ford model, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the best the industry has to offer. Since its inception in 1903, Ford has designed a lot of top-notch automobiles. So, if you decide to buy a Ford, you should know you’re buying a little bit of history.

Below are some of the cars in Ford’s 2020 lineup including some information about them.

The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta was given top ratings for its supremacy over other vehicles by both Consumer’s Digest and Kelley Blue Book. Consumer’s Digest called it the “best buy”, while Kelley Blue Book referred to it as the overall best vehicle.

Specifications and MSRP

The starting price is a bit higher than $14,000. It is really one of the cheapest vehicles you can buy today. Considering how small it looks, the inner space is quite impressive. Five people can comfortably seat inside the vehicle. And the five of them will enjoy at least 25 cubic feet to relax.

Special Features

This vehicle comes with a lot of unique features that includes, a 4G LTE, the SYNC 3 system, Bluetooth, Apple Audio System, SiriusXM and a Rearview Camera.


Though the Nissan Versa and the Ford Fiesta are in the same category, the Ford Fiesta however has a better price. Also, the Fiesta’s design is cuter and it has better fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency

The Fiesta is quite fuel efficient. This model can use up to 40 miles a gallon on the highway, which is one of the best numbers for fuel efficiency you will find.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Its fuel efficiency, price and styling are some of the strengths of the Ford Fiesta, while its cargo space and resale value are its major weaknesses.

The Ford Taurus

If you want something a bit bigger than the Ford Fiesta, then the Taurus is the way to go. It has an elegant and futuristic appeal, particularly when purchased in black. This particular model has been remodeled over the years, and it still looks as fantastic as ever.

Specs and MSRP

With a little above $27,000, you can get a Taurus. If you require a lot of space, then you’ll love this model. It has the capacity to seat five people and is capable of holding up to 20 cubic feet of cargo. Also, the vehicle is quite comfortable. Those in front can enjoy about 39 inches of head space, 44 inches for leg room, 55 inches hip room including 56 inches for the shoulder.

Special Features

The Taurus has a lot of safety and technological features. It’s Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keeping System and Curve Control, are some of its unique features. Bluetooth, Navigation, 4G LTE, MyFord Sync and MyKey, are some of its technological features.


The Lincoln MKZ and the Ford Taurus are both in the same level. Also in this category is the Chevy Impala. However, the Taurus offers more horsepower as well as trunk space compared to the Chevy Impala.

Fuel efficiency

The best type of motor when it comes to fuel efficiency is actually the 2.0-Liter EconoBoost. It can give you up to 20 miles for a gallon within the city, and at least 29 miles a gallon when on the highway.

Strengths and weaknesses

Its space and looks are the highest attraction for consumers. However, drivers did not find the car very reliable.

The Ford Mustang

For those who love speed and muscle in their car, this classic Ford Mustang is for you.

Specifications and MSRP

Luckily, the starting price of the Mustang is not very expensive. You can get one for as low as $24,000. It comes with very good specs. It can seat four people and provides adequate space. 37, 56 and 29 inches, are the headroom, the shoulder room and the leg room respectively for the front of the car.

Special Features

The Mustang has a lot of wonderful features. You can enjoy tech feature such as Shaker Pro Audio, SYNC 3, MagnerRide Dampening, Navigation, Blind Spot Detection, and lots more.


The Dodge Charger and the Chevy Camaro are two vehicles in competition with the Mustang. The Mustang is better than the Camaro when it comes to suspension features, grille style and performance, so it is not doing badly.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency is good for a muscle car. It can go for 19 miles a gallon when in the city, and when on the highway, 28 miles a gallon.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Most consumers that purchase the Ford Mustang do so because of nostalgia, its looks and comfort. While majority of the complaints was about the rear seat.

Other Models

Other well-known models in this lineup include, Fusion, Ford Focus, Flex Explorer, Edge, C-Max, and so on. Any of the vehicles in this Ford lineup will satisfy you because they were designed to be safe and precise.

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