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11 Signs It Might Be Time For Assisted Living?

As seniors get older, their abilities to do things change.  Simple tasks like taking a shower or getting dressed are not easy tasks anymore.  Many times, seniors have to ask family to help them with their tasks. However, this is not always possible.  At a point, a serious decision needs to be made of moving to an assisted living home. When should this decision be made?  Here are 11 signs that it might be time to move to an assisted living home?

1- Getting Hurt

Accidents happen to everyone.  Everyone falls on occasion or cuts themselves.  However, if getting hurt becomes a regular occurring thing then its a problem.  What happens if you fall and there is no one around to help?  Or you get hurt so badly that you cannot call anyone to help?  This is a sign that it is time to consider an assisted living facility.

2 – Chronic Health Problems

If you suffer from chronic health problems then you should consider an assisted living facility.  There  will be medical staff to take care of your health 24/7.  Also, if you are well enough you will be able to take part in decisions for your medical care.

3 – Daily Tasks

Do you have problems with completing daily tasks?  If you are having trouble going to the bathroom, with simple grooming, doing your laundry, cooking and cleaning then you should consider an assisted living facility.

4 – Food

Many times, cooking becomes harder.  Many times seniors resort to eating frozen meals and getting take.  These are not the healthiest food options.  Not eating properly can cause nutrition deficiency, which can lead to medical problems.

5 – Medication

Are you having trouble with taking your medication on time?  As you get older, the number of prescription medications a person takes usually increases.  It can be difficult to remember when to take each medicine.  Assisted living facilities will take charge of dispensing medication so that this will no longer be an issue.

6 – Home Maintenance

As you get older, doing simple home maintenance can get very difficult.  You might enjoy gardening, but at this point in your life it may simply exhaust you.  You might want to consider living somewhere that requires zero home maintenance on your end.

7 –  Lonely

Staying active and socializing is important for everyone.  As seniors get older, they tend to stop participating in social activities and start to limit socializing.  If you find yourself staying at home and not leaving for days at a time, this is a problem.  Staying active and socializing helps a person’s mental health.

8 – Driving

Driving becomes an issue as a person ages.  Many times seniors are involved in car accidents because they are not able to keep up with the flow of traffic.  In an assisted living facility, there is access to transportation.  This will help you get to doctor appointments, groceries and social events.

9 – Getting Lost

If you wander outside your home, but have no idea where you are going this is a problem.  If you have gotten lost going on a simple walk, this is a problem. These are signs of early dementia and should not be ignored. In these cases, it is best to live in a facility that is supervised at all times.

10 – Hygiene

As we get older, it gets harder to take a shower and to simply take care of yourself.  Not bathing regularly puts a person at risk of infection.  This in turn increase the chances of mental and emotional issues.

11 – Are You happy?

As you get older your needs change.  Are you happy in your current living situation? If you are not, then maybe its time for change.  A change can bring happiness back into your life.

Making the decision to move to an assisted living facility is a big decision.  After reading these 11 signs you think that most of them are applicable to you, it is time to strongly consider that move.

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