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25 Reasons To Choose A Career In Nursing

There are not many professions that have the same type of advantages as nursing.  Nurses enjoy flexible schedules, high salaries, and the the self satisfaction of being able to help others.  Nursing is actually one of the top professions where individuals are satisfied with their work.  Nursing is a great field to get into for a number of reasons.  Here are 25 reasons you should consider choosing a career in nursing.

Top 25 Reasons To Pursue A Nursing Degree

1. Nurses work in various work settings.  For instance, you might work as a school nurse, in a research center as a nurse researcher, or even work from home.  One common work at home job is nurse training for an insurance provider.

2.Seriously, its pretty awesome to be able to wear pajamas to work.

3. Experienced nurses rarely have difficulty finding a job.  In most geographical regions of the U.S., nurses with   2 – 3 years of experience can easily find work.

4.Travel nursing is a great opportunity for nurses who love to travel.  Travel nursing lets you travel and choose your destination every 13 weeks.

5. Nurses have a special set of skills and knowledge which can be used to patent and develop medical devices.

6. Nurses can choose to concentrate on a field of medicine that they love.

7. If a nurse finds that taking good care of adults isn’t personally fulfilling, then they can change jobs and become a pediatric nurse.

8. Nurses have the opportunity to help a mother give birth and see the beginning of life.

9. Lots of nursing jobs are exciting and provide an adrenaline rush.  You will not get bored easily when you are a nurse because every day on the job is different.

10. Nurses have the choice of working different shifts.  Night nurses are constantly needed.

11. Nurses can work 3 days per week.  What other profession provides a work schedule that lets you be off 4 days a week and still be considered a full time employee?

12. Nurses make a decent living.  Nurses who have their nurse practitioner diploma can double their salary after a couple of years of experience as an advanced practice nurse.

13. Nurses are educators.  A nurse not only performs nursing duties but teaches others how to take care of their own health.

14. Nurses have the chance to get their student loans forgiven.  The US Department of Health and Human Services has federal loan repayment programs for qualifying nurses.

15. Nurses have the chance to get to know their patients.  Nurses who work in long term care, ICU’s and labor and delivery get to connect with patients and get to know them.

16. Nurses belong to a community.  Nurses often stick together with other nurses.  They do this by networking in real life or online.

17. Nurses have the opportunity to work as a team and support each other.  If you like to work in a group setting, nursing is a good option for you.  Healthcare teams save lives.

18. Nurses can do volunteer work in the community.  Nurses are needed in the world as health care volunteers. Nurses volunteer at local community health fairs or into the far reaches of the planet. .

19. Nurses with a certain amount of schooling can work for the US Armed Forces.  You can work as a nurse for the military without enlisting.

20. Nursing jobs have great benefits.

21. Nurses make great money.

22. Nurses can change jobs quickly and easily in comparison to many other professions.  Being certified in your nursing specialty might help highlight your proficiency when switching jobs.

23. Nurses can complete their training in 4 years.

24. Nurses know which surgeons and specialist to use themselves.  They are privy to a lot of the inside information that the general public does not know.

25. Nurses are remembered.  Unfortunately, nurses don’t recall all their patients that they care for; however, patients will recall their nurse years later.

Final Thought

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose nursing as a profession.  In this list we have 25 reasons why  nursing is a great field.  You should definitely consider a job in nursing because the job satisfaction is very high.

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