5 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

If you are at the beginning of the divorce process, you might be thinking about representing yourself rather than spending money on a lawyer.  If you you think that your divorce will be an easy process because it was a short marriage or there are no children involved, then by all means try to hash out the divorce details on your own.

However, when going through a divorce, you will have to make a lot of decisions which will influence the rest of your life — especially in a time when your ability to think may overwhelm you.  So although not everybody requires a divorce lawyer, getting a good one is in your best interests.  It is especially in your best interests if your divorce is more complex, disputed, involves kids, you have resources, or in case a has hired a divorce lawyer.

Below are five great reasons why you should hire a divorce lawyer instead of representing yourself in court.

1. You Are Unfamiliar With Divorce Court

There is a reason why lawyers go to law school for three years.  It is because they become experts in their profession.  During these three years of law school, they choose to specialize in an area of law.  Family law specifically divorce law is difficult for even lawyers who do not specialize in it.   If its hard for lawyers, then it would definitely be hard for others to learn divorce law in such a short amount of time.

2. You Need Unbiased Advice

Divorce is a difficult psychological time for the the couple that is separating.  You will experience feelings of despair, anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, and resignation.  You have to be conscious that your psychological state may block you from making good decisions.  As an objective third party, a divorce lawyer can inform you if you are being irrational or are requesting something that is hopeless.  Through the divorce process, a lawyer will remind you to keep your emotions in check.  When feelings are running high, it’s simple to say or do things that  come off as competitive or vindictive.  A lawyer acts as a buffer between you and your ex, and will do their best to keep you from letting your emotions undermine your case.

3. A Divorce Lawyer Will Make You Aware Of Options

A divorce lawyer will assess your situation and let you know the outcomes that you can expect.  According to their experience, they will have the ability to provide a number of options that are legally-acceptable to settle your case.  Many times the options the lawyer presents are one’s that the client did not know were possible.

4. Paperwork

Knowing which forms you will need for your divorce case can be confusing, and collecting all of the information to complete them is also confusing.  But, doing the paperwork properly in a divorce case is necessary.  If you forget writing something on the paperwork, the judge may think you are trying to conceal information or that you are just careless.  This can work against you in court.  A divorce lawyer knows how to complete the paperwork persuasively and correctly, which will increase the odds that a judge will see your side of the story.

5. Can Help You Focus On The Big Picture

In divorce, both individuals have to live with the settlement that is agreed upon.  Family lawyers represent individuals with resources, not corporations that have cash to throw in a case, therefore  they understand money is important.  A fantastic divorce lawyer will advise you to not waste your money by battling every issue.  They will be able to help you decide your priorities so that you are awarded with more of the things you really want.

Going through divorce can be difficult.  You have to make a lot of decisions when your emotions are running high.  Adding on the job of acting as your own divorce lawyer can make things even more difficult.  As you can see from the 5 reasons above, it is best to hand of this task to a divorce lawyer.


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