5 Ways For Seniors To Save On Dental Coverage

As you get older, your dental care becomes more and more important. However, seniors tend to neglect their dental care.  One of the main reasons seniors neglect their dental care is because of cost.  Also, basic health insurance and medicare do not offer dental coverage.

However, not seeing the dentist regularly can lead to serious and potentially fatal issues for seniors.  It can lead to strokes and heart attacks.  Fortunately, we have put together 5 tips for seniors that will help find the best affordable dental care


1 – Look For Better Dental Insurance

Many seniors either don’t have dental insurance or they don’t have a dental insurance that fits their needs. Dental insurance may seem expensive, but the right type of dental insurance can actually help save money.  All you have to do is search online and compare the different types of dental insurance plans.

Some of the plans cover 100% of all preventive care, 50% of basic care (i.e. fillings and root canals) and 20% of restorative care (i.e. bridges and dentures).  This is a good baseline to go by when you shop for dental insurance.

2- Shop Around

Not only should you compare different insurance plans, you should shop around for better dental care. It is a good idea to shop around because you might be able to save money by seeing a different dental provider. You can do a simple google search for dental providers. Once you have found ones that fit your needs, you should compare costs, accepted dental insurance plans, and payment plans.Doing this every year or two can help you re-evaluate your dentists and help you save money.

3 – Dental Discount plan

A dental discount plan is not the same as dental insurance.  A dental discount plan allows anyone to get dental care at a reduced price.  They way it works is by signing up for yearly membership at a set price.  You will then receive access to a network of participating dentists who provide members a lower price.  By joining a dental discount plan you can save 10% – 60% on your dental care.  The best thing about dental discount plans is that they will accept everyone.

4 – Clinical Trials

To discover a new and effective way of doing a dental procedure, universities and research centers have to do clinical trials.  These clinical trials are often lot cost and many times they are free.  If you qualify for the dental clinical trial then you will receive cheap or free dental treatment.  This means you can get dental work with paying very little.

5 – Dental School

Not many people know that dental schools need patients for their dental students to practice on.  Dental schools provide all types of dental procedures to patients at a reduced price.  You can have standard cleanings done, x-rays, root canals, teeth whitening, and even cosmetic dentistry all at a reduced cost.  Of course the schools don’t let the students do the work on their own, they are supervised by an experienced instructor.


Final Thoughts

Cost should not stop seniors from getting the dental work they need. Unfortunately, it does.  This can lead to many health complications.  We have listed 5 excellent tips for seniors to save on dental care. Use these tips to cut your dental care costs






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