Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer?

 Going through divorce is hard. It is a very emotional time in a persons life.Not only is it emotional, but it also involves a lot of detailed legal guidelines that need to be followed.  This requires a lot of logical thinking and attention to detail.  This may not be possible for someone who is going through divorce.  So the question comes up. Do you need a divorce lawyer?
In most cases it is a good idea to at least speak to a lawyer.  A lawyer can go through the divorce process and takeover the logical side of the divorce.  A divorce lawyer is also well versed in the law and can help protect your rights and your interests.

When To Involve A Divorce Lawyer?

  • You were served with divorce papers
  • You want to serve divorce papers
  • You and your spouse are considering divorce
  • You want to understand your options

Why Should You Speak To A Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce can be complicated.  The more complicated the divorce, the greater the need for a divorce lawyer to help you protect your interests and your rights. Some complications include:

  • Children – If there are minor children involved, then you will need to discuss child custody.  This can get very complicated and lead to negotiations and trial to come to an agreement.
  • Assets and Property – If you and your spouse have joint ownership of property, this will have to be discussed.  Many times the property and assets are divided after rounds of negotiation.
  • Financial Support – In some cases spousal support and child support will need to be discussed and negotiated.  This can make divorces very complicated.

Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer?

Was your marriage simple, short lived, child free with minimal assets?  If so, then you do not need a divorce lawyer.  This means taking time out to read through the paperwork with a find comb.  It is a good idea to ask a friend or relative to also read through the legal paperwork.


Make sure to review your lawyers contract very carefully.  You should do this so that you know what to expect and what the fees are like.

Getting a divorce is complicated.for most people.  The more complicated the divorce, the greater need for a divorce lawyer.  Do not attempt to take on your own divorce case if it is complicated.  It is best to consult with a lawyer first before you make a decision.



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