Does AARP Provide Health Insurance?

The American Association of Retired Persons is now known as AARP.  What is AARP you might ask?  It is an organization that is nonprofit and non-government affiliated.  Their goal is to help people choose their best life at whatever age they are.  The main focus of AARP is helping people who are 50+ years old.

They help people who are elderly by providing discounts to everyday items.  To take advantage of all the cool things AARP has to offer, all you have to do is pay an annual $16 fee.  These discounts include things  like restaurants, movie tickets, travel, car insurance and even health insurance.

Yes, you read right. AARP offers health insurance.  To learn more about AARP’s health insurance offer keep reading.

AARP Health Insurance

AARP does not have its own health insurance plan.  AARP has teamed up with Medicare Advantage plans from UnitedHealthcare.  It offers Part C plans, which is a combination of Part A and Part B medicare.  Many times Part D is included with Part C coverage.  This plan is not a government sponsored plan.  It is in fact sponsored by a private company.

For members within 50-65 years of age, AARP has medicare plans with the help of UnitedHealthcare.  These plans include:

  • Medicarecomplete – Comprehensive plans which provide all of the benefits covered under Medicare and much more.  This includes prescription drug coverage, no limits on conditions and physical fitness benefits.
  • MedicareRx – Medicare prescription drug coverage plans to help shield in the increasing cost of medication and sudden changes in medication requirements.
  • Medicare supplement -Plans which help cover a few of the expenses not covered by Medicare and assist restrict yearly out-of-pocket expenses.

You  might be wondering, how good is the AARP UnitedHealthcare plan?   It is a very strong plan that has been in existence for over 20 years.  And how good is UnitedHealthCare?  UnitedHealthcare ranked 13th on a survey that rated all of the top performing health insurance companies.  It isn’t the best rating, but it certainly isn’t bad. It received an overall 3.5 star rating.



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