Does medicare cover flu shots?

Medicare Part B, one of the two components of Original Medicare, covers 100 percent of the prices of seasonal flu shots once a year during the autumn or winter. The Part B deductible doesn’t apply to this service, so Medicare covers the shot as long as you’re eligible for and enrolled in Original Medicare. Provided that your physician or healthcare provider accepts Medicare assignment, flu shots are totally covered. Providers may not bill you more than the Medicare approved amount. If you get the shot from a supplier that doesn’t accept assignment, you might be liable for extra fees for the physician’s services but not for the shot .

Since Medicare Advantage plans must offer at least the exact same coverage as Original Medicare, your Medicare Advantage plan also covers flu shots after a flu season. Personal health plans may not need you to receive a referral for the flu shot, but they might need you to get the shot in your plan’s network of suppliers. Overall out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and premiums may vary for these plans, but the deductible doesn’t apply in this circumstance, if the plan has one.

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