Everything You Need To Know About HIV

HIV is a debilitating virus that has many attributes that many do not know

HIV is one of the deadliest diseases, but do you know that HIV is not as deadly as you think it is. Many of us find it difficult to accept the way we think about HIV, each person has a different mindset, and the way we all think can never be the same.

Unlike when the disease first broke out, we now hear about drugs that can help you live a longer life with HIV. There are some things we need to know about HIV, but before we talk about that, let’s go into full detail about what HIV really means.

HIV, which stands for the Human Immune Deficiency Virus, the virus tends to target the human body immune system, which causes weakening to the system and other types of diseases can also occur. HIV is transmitted through different means like the exchange of fluids in the body from an infected person. Several body fluids which are being exchanged can result in contacting HIV, when the disease first broke out, up to 3.8 million people were infected in the world, many people were actually living with this and they did not know or bother to find out about it.

The fact that HIV can be transmitted from one individual, should not make you feel that you can no longer have a happy life anymore. You can be happy and do lots of things you were doing before, even with your partner. Below are some things you need to know about HIV.

There is a question lots of individuals ask and here is how it goes “Being Infected with HIV, does it means I have AIDS”, many people feel that once they have HIV, the definitely they have AIDS, this is not true, once you contact or you get infected with this disease, if you have proper treatment in the body which will help boost your immune system then definitely you will not have AIDS. AIDS is just an advanced form of HIV, which occurs when you fail to treat yourself properly.

Now, lets move further, this is one question people find it difficult to overcome, imagine your HIV test results come out, this is one question they normally ask, and that is majorly the first thing lot of people feel will happen to them “Am I going to Die”. Actually, you won’t blame the victims when there is no proper information passed to them, this is what pops up in their head, when they see their result. Death is inevitable, so you can’t escape from it, not even a sound healthy person, but being an HIV person does not mean you will die immediately, with proper care and constant taking of your medication you can live like a normal person or even more that is not infected with this disease. Most HIV victims live a very long time, there are some constant meds required for all this which also helps in curbing other disease which will want to affect the body.

Another thing you need to know is that as an HIV victim you can as well have sex like any other person who has not even contacted the disease, unless you feel like you want to stop. Sex is a way of relieving stress in the body, so you should clearly not deprive yourself from that. However, before sex is being carried out, you should make sure you use a condom, Prep and Serosorting. Make sure you can use one of this, as it is very vital, as you and your partner can have a very good sex life. I know there might be a question bothering us what is PREP, this is a pill given to people with HIV and also given to those without HIV to prevent the disease, this is to help keep people safe especially, couples who are in this kind of situation, are given this pill to help, that is if one partner has it and the other does not. This pill given are not taken in same quantity, those trying to prevent take their own continuously.

Having sex was a yes, now what if I tell you that you can have kids successfully, normally its basically right if you and your partner talk about this issue. If it’s a woman, medications can be made available, while if it’s a male who is infected, the sperm will be washed off HIV and then insemination will occur either through your wife, or even a surrogate. All of these procedures require a HIV specialist to help you carry out the process successfully.

Above all, it is advisable you monitor your body properly, so as to avoid any other complications.

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