How to find the best SUV deals?

It’s Somewhat like Moby Dick in the car world. You know there is a wonderful deal out there, but they are tough to find and harder still to grab.

I know because I have spent a reasonable amount of my time trying to find these deals: Once I bought an Oldsmobile Alero for $5 and a sandwich. Another time, I purchased a Sentra for a $100 and a moped — literally.

However, the one that I dwell over is the one that got away.  I miss is the one that got away: a gorgeous silver Mazda 3 hatchback, with a manual transmission. I labored for hours to find the deal. But in the long run, that “deal of all trades” got away from me.

I forgot about the 3 magic data points which help most things come together:

  • A good and decent automobile
  • Stacks and stacks of bonus money or a low interest rate
  • A dealership keen to negotiate because they have too many models on the lot

This is why these three factors are important: Purchasing a crap car is a crap move. Even in the event that you save thousands. Additionally, it’s unnecessary, because great cars get incentives for several reasons, and endure bloated inventories all of the time.

In the end, the bottom line is this: There’s too many cars to sell and not enough space on dealer lots. Space to park automobiles is very valuable, and the longer time a vehicle sits, the less cash a dealership makes. So find the great cars that are not selling — those are those that automakers and dealers are anxious to proceed.

As straightforward as that seems, it is not — at all.

About our strategy

To help, we have produced a simple formula to help buyers identify certain makes and models that may be prime movers in the marketplace: The number of vehicles available + how long, in days, it is going to have to sell all available vehicles + current incentives.

We look first for actual slow-pokes, those cars stuck on dealer lots for 80 days or longer.

In addition, we cross-reference vehicles based on current sales trends; if a version has dropped below its 2017 sales rate, it may wind up here. Or, if there is a large volume of vehicles at the same time, they may wind up here.

Finally, we search dealer inventory (if possible) to get a feeling of which trims may not be selling so well.

The end result is a list of vehicles which you will probably find sitting on dealer lots, expecting buy along with a salesperson prepared to deal.

At the heart of our strategy is exactly what the industry terms”day’s supply,” an ever-changing number based on the number of times it takes to sell what is available to buy, based on the preceding month’s daily sales rate.

By way of instance, recently the Ford Escape was reported as having a day’s supply of 97. That means it would take 97 days to sell out the Escape SUVs now on dealer lots, transportation trucks, ports and mill lots awaiting shipment.

For new cars, the normal supply should fall at approximately 60 days’ worth. If the number is a lot lower than 60, that means there is too much demand when compared with the supply — and costs go up. If, like the Escape, the amount is a lot greater than 60, automobile buyers raise the probability of a successful negotiation.

Day’s supply is significant because vehicles which linger cost dealers (and automakers) a substantial quantity of money and space. Generally speaking, the longer a person sits, the more willing a sales manager is to negotiate, deal, plead and whine.

Consider it like the discount aisle shelf in the local grocery store.

What is the deal with”off-lease vehicles?”
Lightly used vehicles, fresh off rentals, are a powerful alternative to new.
So-called off-lease vehicles are just that: cars, trucks and SUVs which were turned in the end of a lease. This year, experts say there is an estimated 4 million of those lightly used vehicles coming back into the marketplace, meaning dealers and automakers will be anxious to move’em.

Usually, these vehicles are approximately four years old; as such, you can rely on a healthy variety of them becoming scrutinized and made into Accredited Pre-Owned vehicles. This causes a strong alternative if you’re looking for something less costly than new.

It’s also a fantastic way to purchase a costly model trim with more choices than you can afford on a new car, while still obtaining the reassurance that has a comprehensive inspection.

Most often, these kinds of vehicles include special financing offers.

Spend a little time and take a good look in 2014 vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Toyota — experts say they have got more volume than many.

Buick Enclave
The Buick Enclave may nevertheless be crowding dealership lots.
Generally speaking, Buicks appear to have a high average day’s supply, and the Enclave is no exception.

If that is due to lack of consumer interest, it is a shame since the 2018 version is significantly improved, and competitive with the likes of the Acura MDX and Infiniti QX60.

The Enclave might not be exciting to drive, but it’s a fashionable exterior, a silent and well-appointed interior, and a well luxurious features list.

For a fantastic deal, keep the optional attributes down, and remind the salesperson about the number of Enclaves he’s out back.

Days to sell all available Enclaves: 116, down from 125
Accessible Enclaves: 19,000
Incentives: Up to $4,000 cash allowance, special financing and rental offers. Be aware that some traders are creating larger reductions.
Brief Report: Buick Enclave

Cadillac Escalade
Prepared to Increase Your bling game? The Escalade is prepared for you.
That the Cadillac Escalade is a truck-based SUV does not appear to matter: it is the Big Blingy and always will be, due to acres of sound deadening material and a well-defined luxury statement: you’ve Arrived.

Nuances like handling and ride or decent gas mileage mean little when you are driving a parade-float of a truck with creature electricity.

Interested shoppers should also search for staying 2017 models; there are not many left on plenty, but they are out there. In terms of new 2018 Escalades, trimming availability appears to tilt toward the Luxury and Luxury Premium trim, though that could be different in your area.

Days to sell all available Escalades: 95, down from 100
Accessible Escalades: 7,000
Incentives: Up to $6,000 cash allowance, 0% finance rate and special GM lessee deals. Some GM loyalty rentals add up to $10,000 cash allowance.
Dodge Durango
The Dodge Durango SRT place a strong new spin on the Notion of fun-to-drive household SUVs.
Keep in Mind the Durango? Me either.

In actuality, our reviewers had enormous amounts of merriment, giving the Durango thumbs up and noting the Durango is built on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Durango buyers get remarkable performance, ample towing capability, three rows…and a few genuinely great deals. Just be privy to the sub-par crash test ratings.

By way of instance, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety scored the SUV as”marginal” for its the driver-side little overlap front evaluation result.

Days to sell all available Durangos: 96, up from 91
Accessible Dodge Durangos: 19,700
Incentives: Up to $2,000 cash back, special finance offers and lease deals
Base sticker price: $31,090

Ford EcoSport
The all-new Ford EcoSport is brand new to the Ford lineup.
It is too soon to tell if the new Ford EcoSport is going to be a success from the mini-ute marketplace, but so far there is quite a few of those vehicles on dealer lots and elsewhere — 21,500 to be accurate. Those little SUVs are clocking in at a 98 day’s supply — and that is down from a high of 163.

Shoppers should note the low sticker price and the availability of equipment and features not often seen on vehicles in this class, such as all-wheel drive, towing capacity (2,000 pounds!) , adequate cargo space, and in-cabin technology.

Unfortunately, many of the must-have security features, such as lane departure alerts and adaptive cruise control, are not available.

Days to sell all available EcoSports: 111, up from 98
Available Ford EcoSports: 23,400
Incentive: $1,500 cash back, special finance rates and rental Features
Base sticker price: $20,990
Street Smarts: 8 Amazing Traits of the Ford EcoSport

Ford Escape
With money back or special rate of interest offers, Ford wants to move more Escape SUVs.
There is a reason Ford always seems to get bonus bucks on the Escape. There is the ever-increasing SUV contest, sure, but it also may be due to the sheer number they create.

All that makes the Escape a potential candidate for cut-rate deals.

If you are in the market for a competent 5-passenger SUV, a wholesome supply on dealer lots might mean that you’ll get loads of alternatives, and some reductions.

That’s nice, thinking about the Escape received an upgrade in 2017 that slightly revised the look, enhanced Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) security scores, and additional new tech features.

Days to sell all available Escapes: 84down from 101
Available Ford Escapes: 86,800
Incentive: $2,500 cash back, 2.9% finance rates, and rental Features
Base sticker price: $24,935

GMC Yukon
If you like GM SUVs, the GMC Yukon is well worth a good long look — particularly with current offers.
If you will need a vehicle as large as the Yukon, then you might also go for glory and receive the brand new Yukon Denali Ultimate Black Edition. You understand — real wood grain and such.

Then again, there is always Cadillac…but in case you’d rather remain in the”middle-child” syndrome of GM with GMC, the Yukon offers an excellent SUV that matches a baseball team and guzzles fuel.

Curious shoppers should note that the supreme Black Edition touches $80 grand — a costly sticker price for a mainstream manufacturer such as GMC.

Days to sell all available Yukons: 115, down from 117
Accessible GMC Yukons: 14,000
Incentive: $3,000 cash back, special finance rates and rental Features
Base sticker price: $50,395

Honda HR-V
Honda has made a name for itself by providing vehicles that sell quickly and keep their worth.
Honda has made a name for itself by remaining OFF the day’s supply poor record. So it is a surprise to find the critically-acclaimed HR-V here using a 94-day pot belly.

As a best seller in the subcompact SUV market, possibly the reason has something to do with 26,000 available vehicles, particularly since sales were marginally up last month by 1.3 percent.

No matter. If you catch a fantastic deal on an HR-V, go for this, since the vehicle provides a spacious interior, outstanding fuel economy, and a selection of front-wheel or all-wheel drive versions.

1 note: a glance at accessible versions shows more Misty Green versions…so if you want green, this might be your deal.

Days to sell all available HR-Vs: 83, down from 89
Accessible HR-Vs: 28,000
Incentives: Special lease deals, 0.9% finance rates
Base sticker price: $21,445

Honda Pilot
Last year’s sales increased five percent for the Honda Pilot, placing it ninth on the best-seller list.
The winner of this 2017 New York Daily News Autos Award for Best Family SUV is hanging out on dealer lots somewhat more than usual. That makes for a excellent opportunity if you’re searching for an efficient, functional and affordable family hauler.

Sure, it might not boast an exciting style, but what it does offer is tons of substance — the sort of inside space, functions and features (such as available rear seat entertainment and third-row chair ) that families crave.

In actuality, it’s pretty rare to find this SUV with an 80-day supply. Is it that people are growing tired of the Pilot and its common-sense approach to practicality? Nah. Completely redesigned in 2016, this is one SUV that is still going strong — and worthy of serious consideration, deal or no deal.

Days to sell all available Pilots: 80, up from 79
Accessible Pilots: 42,000
Incentives: Special lease deals, 0.9% finance rates
Base sticker price: $31,895

Jeep Compass
The Jeep Compass provides loads of selection at the local dealership.
The Compass has evolved into the sort of vehicle that people wish to own. Roomy, efficient, and with all-wheel drive, there is much to enjoy and quite a lot of value. There is even a Trailhawk trimming with honest-to-gosh real off-road capacity.

In addition to the damn thing looks like a miniature Grand Cherokee. Cute!

On the sorry side is a cramped cargo hold, a whiny engine, and some quality problems in the mainstream Compass models that hint in cost-cutting. This makes for a distinct disadvantage against stiff competition.

Days to sell all available Compass SUVs: 82, down from 121
Accessible Compass SUVs: 54,700
Incentives: Up to $3,750 money allowance or 0 percent interest rate
Base sticker price: $23,940

Lincoln MKC
The Lincoln MKC includes a large Quantity of models available to see at Lincoln dealerships.
With a redesigned version coming to dealerships this summer, the Lincoln MKC presents a valuable opportunity to deal-seeking automobile buyers.

And while the 2019 version looks to be much improved with a new exterior design, additional technology, and a focus on enhanced security, the incoming 2018 has that oh-so-comfy and silent inside.

All-new at 2016, our reviewers found that the SUV to be”pretty good” but rather expensive, particularly when a similar price buys you demonstrated and refined luxury from Germany.

Those shopping Lincoln and looking hard at the MKC would be wise to await the new version; if you enjoy the 2018 version and want a excellent deal, wait for summer once the 2019s roster in.

If the Navigator is any indication, Lincoln will be frantic to change out the old for the better new edition.

Days to sell all available MKCs: 115, down from 87
Accessible MKC SUVs: 9,000
Up to $3,500 cash back or 1.9percent rates of interest, and special lease offers on 2018 versions. Up to $750 cash back on 2019 versions, or 3.9% interest rates
Base sticker price: $34,280
First Appearance: 2019 Lincoln MKC

Lincoln MKX
The Lincoln MKX includes a days’ supply of over 90 vehicles. (LINCOLN)
You could be the reply to a automotive trivia question: what year did Lincoln alter the MKX into the Nautilus?

That’s right. Beginning in 2019, the MKX will find a refresh and change nameplates to become the Nautilus. No, you won’t have the ability to bring it from the water.

That name change will create plenty of bonus action, starting like today. This is a fantastic chance, as the MKX is competent, trendy and comfortable — but also expensive once you add up the alternatives and consider the existence of Ford parts.

So skip some of the more pricey options, variable up to $3,000 cash back and be happy. After all, who cares about the title when a fantastic deal could be had?

Days to sell all available MKXs: 86, down from 93
Accessible Lincoln MKX SUVs: 8,400
Incentives: Up to $3,000 cash allowance or 1.9percent interest rates, and special rental offers
Base sticker price: $39,960

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