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Pros And Cons Of Family Cell Phone Plans

Cell phones are not a luxury anymore, they are a necessity.  This necessity starts early on in childhood.  Many families believe that a cell phone is a necessity for their elementary aged children.  Consequently, having a separate line for each child and each adult in your family can get expensive.  The logical thing to do is look into family cell phone plans.  Here are the pros and cons you should consider before investing in a family cell phone plan?


  • With a family plan, you receive unlimited minutes between people on the same plan. This can help save money.
  • There are amazing family plan deals .
  • Many times you start a family plan when your kids are small. Once your children grow up they often decide to stay on the family plan. The phone bill is then split multiple ways for more savings.


  • You will have to share your plan minutes with the whole family. This means that if someone in your family takes up all the minutes the rest of you are left with nothing.
  • The only savings is the minutes that you are not charged when calling members on your plan.
  • Each phone line is still charged activation fees, 911 fees and system fees.

Now that you know the pros and cons of a family plan, the choice is yours on what type of plan to go with. If you decide to go with a family plan, you must be wondering how to choose the right family plan? The best idea is to get go with the plan with the most anytime minutes. Whichever carrier provides the best deal on minutes (apart from the family plan minutes) is the way to go. Make sure to compare the family plans before you sign up for one.


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