The New GMC Acadia

The 2017 GMC Acadia, a midsize SUV that gives utmost priority to consumers was designed specifically to enable the drivers to turn around while driving. The bold appearance, the brand-new technology that includes life-saving safety features are enough to make buyers crave for more.

GMC has been known for excellent engineering and designs, which stand the test of time in any terrain or weather condition


The new 2017 GMC Acadia currently has an asking MSRP of $29,070, which is a jackpot for whom ever decides to go for the machine because it encompasses any feature one could associate with any SUV. The SUV comes in a variety of different pleasant colors, which includes a deep red, dark blue, white, silver, black, or an off-brown color.

The Acadia has the space to engulf seven passengers with total comfort due to the premium seating and the third-row.

The second row provides accessibility to the final third, the area in the vehicle is subject to enlargement with the help of a button that enables the second-row seats to fold, thereby giving more room for storage.


The new Acadia, GMC is already known for luxurious performance package that comes with varieties of control and convenience options for the users and such includes the front row that is within arm’s reach that makes it easy to control the entire vehicle while the second row of seat is provided with an option of a pullout console drawer. The car comes with more than enough USB ports for charging mobile devices, rear climate controls, and the offer of charging a laptop thanks to the 120-volt power outlet that was embedded in the system.

For the customer that gives preference to comfortability, the 2017 Acadia offers that to a great quantity due to the French-stitched eats, trim accents, noise cancelling interior, two-way adjustable head restraints and efficient interior lighting accents.


The priority of any driver while cruising is the safety that’s why the Acadia is the best bet regarding features safety features that includes Side Blind Zone Alert that is designed to signal with a display on the side mirror whenever in danger of collision. The rear park assists unique feature will help drivers to delete the fear of hitting anything while reversing coupled with a rear view camera that helps in controlling any happening behind.

The Competition

The Acadia machine can never be associated with boasting because they only believe in excellent and exceptional customer’s satisfaction. This mindset has enabled them to beat other competitors to dust because while others are after competition Acadia mid-size SUV only focus on technological advancement that gives customers 100% satisfaction.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is always ranked number one on the factors consumers consider when buying SUV, being mid-size SUV buyers should not expect unimaginable fuel economy, but you will still get a value for all your penny because while driving in the city, you can expect to receive around 21 miles per gallon. On the highway, it consumes nothing less than 26 miles per gallon, some competitors may offer something better, but can never beat the unimaginable smooth ride and efficient safety amenities that come with the SUV.


Nothing last forever in any part of the global village but 2017 Acadia offers the buyer a significant value for their money with numerous features, such as the enhanced lighting, sizeable rear storage, spacious seats and children friendly technologies that keep them at bay while travelling.  The only issue the Acadia has is the gas mileage which can only take you for 20 miles per gallon.However, the 2017 Acadia surmounted the cons with lots of benefits, bonuses, and unique features coupled with affordable price tag. There you have it! Just check on the machine called the Acadia GMC and experience heaven on earth while driving.

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