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Ways To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance

Having a car is expensive.  You have to worry about monthly payments, car maintenance, gas and car insurance. You maybe wondering if having car insurance is required. Unfortunately, for your pocket it is.  If you get caught driving without car insurance by the police, you can have your car and license taken away.  So now that you know that you cannot get away without having car insurance, you must be wondering how you find cheap car insurance.

Read below to learn of tips to get the cheapest car insurance.

Have Good Credit

Having good credit seems to be a theme in everything that has to do with finances.  Car insurance also relies heavily on credit.  The reason why credit matters to insurance companies is because they claim that it shows the likelihood of a customer filing a claim.

Having poor credit can increase a customers insurance by hundreds of dollars.  This of course means that you should make it a point to pay your credit cards on time and reduce your debt.  This will help your insurance costs go down.

Shop Around

Do not go with the first company you get a quote from.  Shop around! It is a good idea to get quotes from multiple different companies to compare the quotes.  Just because a certain insurance company provided your friend with their lowest quote does not mean that they will provide you with your lowest quote.


Car insurance companies have a number of discounts you can take advantage of.  You should definitely ask what discounts they offer. Some common discounts are:

  • Clean driving record
  • A car with certain safety features
  • Good Grades
  • Insure multiple cars under one policy
  • Bundle car insurance with other policies (i.e. homeowners)

Increase Your Deductible

When choosing comprehensive and collision coverage, you can save money by choosing a higher deductible.

Buy Smart

It is a good idea to check how much your insurance will be before purchasing a new car.  You maybe able to afford the monthly payments and gas, but will you be able to afford the car when insurance is added on?  Make sure you take insurance into consideration before making a big purchase.

Skip Collision and Comprehensive Coverage For An Older Vehicle

If you have an older car, it might not make sense to pay for collision and comprehensive coverage.  It might end up costing more than the car itself.  Collision coverage pays for repairs if there is damage from another car or an object. Comprehensive coverage pays for repair that happens from nature or vandalism.

Usage-Based Or Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

Usage-based or pay-per-mile insurance is best for people who are extremely safe drivers and who don’t drive that much.  In exchange for discounts, these programs allow your insurance company to track your driving.  They look at how much you drive, how well your drive and when you drive.

Local Insurance Companies

There are lots of big names in car insurance.  They actually control half of the countries car insurance business. However, it is worth checking out smaller regional insurers.  Many times they offer lower insurance rates and better customer service.

Now that you know all of the tricks to finding cheap car insurance, its time that you start shopping around.

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