What are the most popular college majors?

Which are the Most Popular College Majors? Now you know what your interests are, however, what career paths are you going to follow along with and what types do you want to get there? Here’s a listing of five hot college campuses that may provide you a sense.


The lack in medical employees, including physicians, is predicted to continue. Nursing graduates expect a very low unemployment rate of 4.8 percent. The greatest overall position in nursing is Registered nurse, based on The estimated job growth rate for the nursing profession is 26 percent. The beginning salary for the RN is a typical $54,100. You are able to become an RN with an associate degree or you’ll be able to find a nursing college degree, but should you get your bachelor level you’ll get $5500 annually longer. Nurse professionals with master’s degrees earn up to $116,000.

Information Systems Management

These professionals utilize technologies to maintain corporations and organizations linked to the business world. The beginning salary is $51,600, however in mid-career they could expect to make $88,600. Most employers prefer data systems managers with MBA levels. In reality, this amount is offered through numerous business schools. It may be paired with a diploma in human resource management to get a wider livelihood outlook. The estimated job growth rate for data systems managers is 18.1 percent.

Civil Engineering

The projected job growth rate for engineers generally is 10 percent, which will be lower than typical. The rate of civil engineers, however, is 19.4 percent. These professionals work on big construction projects like infrastructure and airports. The beginning salary for civil engineers is 52,000. The unemployment rate for this particular profession is a reduced 4.0 percentage.

Computer Science

Individuals with this important can work in many different arenas from government to private companies and research centers. They focus in robotics, hardware and applications, and might even use artificial intelligence. In accordance with, this really is a diverse area and the many prosperous pupils pick their career paths early and acquire marketable skills. Entry salaries are 58,400, but by mid-career pc scientists may be earning $100,000.


Entry level jobs with this important usually need a bachelor’s or master’s level. If you do not need to become a pharmacist, then alternatives include entering research (designing and creating new medication ) or working in pharmaceutical sales. Pharmacists need to have a doctoral degree in the majority of states. The typical beginning salary for somebody in this important is 42,100, but in mid-career professionals in pharmaceutical sciences could make $120,000. The projected job growth rate for careers within this important is 36.4 percent.

There are more variables to consider than possible wages when picking majors. Job satisfaction is just one. It’s crucial to pursue careers that match your interests because high wages won’t stop career burnout. Another element in deciding on a major is the total amount of education needed to realize your preferred career. It’s crucial that you”do your homework” and examine the many popular college classes in conjunction with your interests and future career objectives.


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