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What Is Home Security And How Does It Work?

All home security systems operate on the basic idea of protecting a home.  Despite the size of your home, or the number of windows and doors a homeowner decides to place sensors on, the idea and method are the same.  The only difference is in the amount of security devices placed through the home and tracked by the control panel.

Lets dig deeper in understanding home security systems.

What Is Home Security?

A home security system is a bit self explanatory.  It basically means securing a home with the help of inter-working components and devices. With the help of these components and devices, a home is kept safe from theft.  You might be wondering, what devices are involved?

Most often a home security system will include:

  • A control panel that is in charge of the entire security system.
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Alarm

How does a security system work?

Now that you know what a home security system is and the devices involved.  The next natural question is, how does it work?

It is fairly simple.  When the home security system is turned on it communicates with all of the devices that are placed throughout the home.  All of the sensors communicate with the command center.

If there is an intrusion when your alarm is set, your home security system will notify you.  The type of notification depends on the type of home security system you have.  There are two types of systems:

  • Non-monitored Security Systems – With non-monitored security systems a high-decibel alarm will go off if there is an intrusion.  When the alarm goes off it is upto the homeowner to contact the police, fire department or any other emergency personnel.  Most often, these systems do not provide text alerts when the alarm goes off. This feature is based on the provider you choose.
  • Professionally Monitored Security Systems – A professionally monitored security system is monitored by the provider you choose.  If there is an intrusion, the high decibel alarm will go off and the provider will be notified.  Once the provider is notified they will reach out to the homeowner to see if it is a false alarm.  If it is a false alarm they can help turn the alarm off.  If it is not a false alarm, they will call emergency personnel.

Advantages Of Home Security Systems

The advantage of having a home security systems is very simple.  It keeps your home safe. Homes that do not have a home security system are three times more likely to fall victim to a burglary.

Homes that have a professionally monitored security systems often display signs and stickers on their windows letting the world know that their home has a security system in place.  Burglars know that if they break into a house with a professionally monitored alarm system then the likelihood of them getting caught is very high.

Another advantage is that a lot of home insurance companies provide up to 20% off when you have a home security system.

As you can see a home security system is essential.  It will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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