What’s new in Varicose Vein Treatment?

With modern technological improvements in Medicine, most men and women find it difficult to comprehend why conventional vein surgery is still considered an alternative for treating varicose veins. For a long time there was only 1 way to decrease varicose veins which was with a procedure called”stripping”.

As we are fully aware of today, the results were mostly very disappointing mainly because of:

  • High levels of recurrence (veins coming back)
  • Complications of General Anaesthesia
  • Complications of surgery (serious infections, wound dividing, bleeding and Deep Vein Thrombosis),
  • Surgical Scars all over the thighs

How Can You Treat Veins in Vein Health Medical Clinic?
Surgical Stripping is performed less and less these days, in part due to the coming of the new age Vein Treatments, but also due to a better comprehension of the negative effects of conventional surgery. These treatments are performed at one of Australia’s leading Varicose Vein/Phlebology Clinics.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

EVLA is an outstanding alternative to conventional invasive surgical vein stripping and is used to deal with the Big, Internal Saphenous Veins (Great and Small Saphenous Veins). EVLA is an easy procedure, performed with an Advanced Ultrasound Unit, strictly under local anaesthetic (beware of professionals offering EVLA under General Anaesthetic or with Radioisotope Research ). Unlike Stripping, EVLA won’t leave you with unsightly scars.

Radiofrequency Ablation

RFA is extremely much like EVLA because entails heating the Saphenous Veins from inside. As such, it’s also performed under local anaesthetic with no scarring or downtime. Broadly , patients will experience less distress with RFA compared to EVLA as the vein is heated a lot softly by means of Electromagnetic Waves rather than Laser Energy.

Venaseal Glue

The most recent revolution in vein remedies, Medical Adhesive glue doesn’t depend on heat or chemical reactions inside the vein. On the contrary, it quickly and permanently glues the vein closed, completely sealing off it and sparking a permanent hardening process along the length of the vein.

Direct  Vision Sclerotherapy (DVS)

This involves injecting a special”detergent-based” solution to the affected vein that ends in a biochemical response across the vein wall. The result of this response is the vein will fall immediately and harden over (what we call”sclerosis” — hence the term”sclerotherapy”). The vein will slowly fade away over a few weeks as the body will slowly absorb it in the system.

Ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy

Like Immediate Vision Sclerotherapy, the ultrasound guided version additionally entails putting a”Detergent-based” Sclerosant to the diseased vein. However, with UGFS, an ultrasound is used to correctly place the needle to the issue vein, thereby delivering the Foam Option precisely where it needs to go. Ultrasound Guidance has improved the success and security of Sclerotherapy to exceptionally high levels and has helped usher in a New and Greater Standard of Varicose Vein Therapy.

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