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7 Reasons To Hire Someone With A Criminal Record

There are over 77 million people in the criminal database system in the United States Of America. Approximately, 10,000 to 12,000 new names are added to the system every day.  For these individuals in the criminal database system, finding employment can be very difficult.

Most companies want to protect themselves and their employees from hiring potentially dangerous individuals. However, what is overlooked is that most people with a felony conviction are in fact not dangerous.  In most cases, these individuals made a bad choice in judgement and they were caught.

The problem is that if these individuals do not find employment, they are at risk of making more bad choices out of desperation to survive.  These people just need a second chance from society to succeed in life, which includes a second chance at a career.

Here are 7 reasons employers should hire individuals with a criminal record.

1 – They Are Hard Working

Many people with a criminal record know that they only have one chance to prove themselves professionally. They understand that because of their criminal record, not many employers will hire them.  They understand that if they are given a chance at a job, they should not waste it.  Because of this they work extremely hard.  Many employers state that employees with a criminal record tend to work harder than employees without a record.

2- Loyalty

Individuals with a criminal record are very loyal. They know that finding a job with a record is very difficult.  This is why they are thankful to their employer for giving them a second chance.   They have probably been rejected from many employers before they received employment.  Because of this, they will do everything they can to keep their employer happy.

3 – They Already Paid Their Dues

People who have served time have already paid their dues.  They received a sentence from a judge and they served time in prison.  They don’t need society to further punish them by not giving them a chance at a normal life.  Instead of punishing them further, it make sense to allow them to become a working member of society.  By accepting them back into society, they will not go back to old habits.

4 – Helping Someone

People who are released from jail are often in a dark place.  They have to assimilate back into their families and society.  Lots of times the people that they used to rely on are no longer there for them. By giving them a chance at a job, you are giving them a chance at a new life.  You are helping them come out of that dark place.

5 – They Are Not That Dangerous

Most people think that individuals with a criminal record did something terribly wrong and that they are dangerous.  Some of these individuals are definitely dangerous, but majority of them are not.  They are just looking for a second chance to reenter society.

6 – Tax Credit

In some cases, hiring an individual with a criminal record can qualify you for a tax credit.  You can receive a tax credit of $1,200 – $9,500 tax credit.  A lot of companies can qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

7 – Save Money

Many Individuals with a criminal record have work experience, but because of their record they are desperate for a job.  An employer can take advantage of this and offer a reduced salary and the individual will most likely accept the offer.  These individuals know that getting a job is a blessing and that by proving themselves they can slowly increase their salary.









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