3 Best Rated Cell Phones on the Market

Read below to find out the latest and greatest cell phones on the market

Everyone wants to own a smartphone. Each person desires to have a cell phone that can do more, and do it faster. Considering a range of reviews and looking at the quality of newly released cell phones, these are the best-rated cell phones with respect to price, making it possible for you to make an excellent choice.

Iphone 7S

Its upgraded processor makes it faster, has better touch-screen response and faster wireless network response. Also, it has enhanced quality cameras on front and back, an eye-catching new 3D display and navigation. The navigation is extremely touch sensitive and has several new iOS shortcuts. It is a more durable design.


On the other hand, battery life is the same as that in the previous iPhone. It has a 16GB memory and a 4.7″ screen. A steep $850+ price tag has to be spent to upgrade these features to its 7 Plus version to get better picture quality.

Additionally, if one has not taken a decision to purchase a 2016-version iPhone 7S up till now, it is advisable to hang on till early September for the release of the iPhone 8. One has to bear in mind that the release of the iPhone 8 will lead to possible fall in prices on the iPhone 7S. In spite of the latter, if it is necessary to have a new iPhone right now, the iPhone S6 is still a first-rate option.

With respect to its predecessors, the iPhone 7S has a larger screen, superior cameras and the Apple Pay service for consumer convenience.


Apart from a similar battery with its predecessor, it has all the features one would want in a cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy is a trendy phone, of average cost and appears to have surpassed expectations. It has a striking polished design, long battery life, and an exceptional camera. The storage is upgraded effortlessly with its micro-SD card slot.


The S7 has an attractive reflective case, though exquisite the reflectivity can be an irritation in the bright sun, it also gets stained when it contacts grimy surfaces. It has a non-removable battery which could be a limitation. Despite this, for its price range the S7 would make one happy in every other respect.

The standard S7 has a 5.1″ screen, a curved back and is small enough to be slipped into a pocket. Moreover, it is fast (5.1 GHz), powerful, sturdy, and reliable, with a customizable display along with new tools like the Game Launcher and a heart monitor. In view of the size and shape of the S7 Edge, it may in fact be a better phone, but may not merit the additional expense, considering the features of the S7, which is very easy to handle.


The S7 is an exciting phone and takes fantastic pictures; though, its surface has to be cleaned severally.

Motorola Moto G4

This is a reasonably priced cell phone and executes most functions people carry out on their smart phones. The Moto G phone has a 5.5″ HD screen, a faster processor, and a 16GB memory expandable to 128GB. Its features make it the best cell phone for the price.


The 1.5GHz processor is adequate to most of the apps its owner would run, though not satisfactory if one is really into gaming. Neither the G4 nor G4 Plus have contactless payment options, which may repel those who are passionate about shopping.

It has a slender, water-resistant design, allowing it to be readily placed in a pocket or purse and not worry about the weather. It is a well-designed, efficient product and of optimal quality despite its lower price. A G4 Plus, would give you more memory, a superior camera, a battery with very long life and a fingerprint sensor for locking/unlocking the phone. With either model, the back panel can be switched, accents added to tailor the design to one’s individual style. The phone uses the Android 6.0 (or 6.1) OS, with an organized interface that is user friendly.


The G4 is just right if you don’t like the idea of spending hundreds for a phone, and can deal with the given stipulations.

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