9 Careers You Can Pursue With A Bachelors Degree In Business

Job recruiters say that there are infinite job opportunities for people with business degrees.  This statement is very true.  A bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is a versatile degree and it can be earned by completing different areas of study.  Some students decide to study a variety of areas, but some decide to concentrate on a single area of business that intrigues them.

Whichever method of study a person chooses, a bachelor of business administration can prepare you for many different types of careers.  Here are 9 careers that you can get once you have completed  your Business Administration Degree.

1. Accountant

Accountants are detail oriented, great with numbers, and revel in helping others.  They work with people and organizations to make sense of taxes and money.  Accountants prepare financial records and make sure that tax filings go smoothly.

2. Financial Adviser

Financial advisers help people and organizations make intelligent financial decisions.

3. Marketing

Marketing roles help direct, create strategies and coordinate marketing campaigns for businesses.  They are in charge of creating a strategy to maximize profits in addition to determining requirement for products and services.

4. Commodities Trader

Whether on behalf of a person or a company, commodities dealers sell and buy commodity contracts. Commodities can be anything from apples to shoe laces.  They come in the form of stocks, options, and other financial derivatives.  Commodities dealers are detail-oriented people who have a good comprehension of economics and business.

5. Human Resources

People who work in human resources are in charge with ensuring the safety and happiness of the employees of the company.  Human resource managers help hire employees, handle scheduling, counselling and disciplining workers.  They also keep policies and employee records private. .

6. Loan Officer

Loan officers have a finance background and are great with money and numbers.

7. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents or brokers help people sell or purchase property.  This can be residential as well as commercial.  Though real estate brokers must also pass a licensing exam.

8. Supervisor

At each level of a business, there are supervisors who help run things smoothly.  Supervisors help run day-to-day tasks at a business.  Regardless of the type of business, a degree in business administration will teach you the right things to be successful as a supervisor.

9. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs get a business idea and build it from scratch.  With the growth of the world wide web in the last few decades, entrepreneurs are becoming more prevalent in a wide variety of areas.  It helps to have a business degree when creating an idea.

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