What Can You Do With A Business Degree?

If you’re going to be graduating soon with a degree in business (or are thinking of pursuing a degree in business), it is safe to say that you will have a lot of career options.  Because there are so many career options with a degree in business, it is one of the most popular majors in college.

Below are some of the careers people with business degrees choose to pursue.


Working for a consulting firm may be a wonderful place to begin if you know you are interested in business, but are not sure what industry you want to go into.  Businesses bring in consulting companies for an external perspective to help resolve an issue, whether that is an issue with efficacy, management, fund, communicating or something different.  Consulting will enable you to learn about different types of  businesses.


Accountants record financial transactions of the company.  This includes analyzing, summarizing and reporting these transactions to tax agencies.  You will have to take and pass the certified public accountant exam or you will have to have a business major that concentrates in accounting.

Financial Planning

If you want to be a financial planner, you should look at working at a financial planning company.  They are qualified investment professionals who help corporations and individuals with their long term financial goals.  This profession also requires taking certification examinations.

Investment Company

The main job of an investment professional is to hold and manage securities for investment purposes.  Individuals with a business degree with a concentration in economics are best suited for investment roles.  People who have a background in economics could be best suited for this particular career because it involves having a grasp on investment tendencies, knowing their nuances and interpreting the effect of events.

Non-Profit Management

Working for a nonprofit is a fantastic way to earn a salary while helping those that are working toward a bigger cause.  In the end, individuals who are able to take advantage of limited resources are best fitted for non-profits.


The responsibility of a sales representative is to sell a company’s products.  They do this by identifying leads and then educating prospective buyers about their products.  They do presentations to prospective buyers and they also provide existing customers with support.

Marketing and Advertising

You can’t have a successful business if you have no way of communicating to clients.  This is where marketing and advertising comes in.  Marketing is a selection of activities to  inform customers about products.  Marketing and advertising requires both business-focused and innovative thoughts.


If you understand the fundamentals of business–why not start your own?  It is hard, but if you can create a strategy that is solid for getting it all started and have a passion for something, you might have what is needed to start a company.


Individuals that are good with money and are great at convincing people to donate money, would be great for fundraising positions. Look into working in development or fundraising.

A business degree can be applicable to a lot different careers.  Think about your interests and see how you can apply your business acumen.


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