Have You Seen These New Sport Sedans?

There is an increase in what consumers demand when it comes to their automobiles. Better handling and more power under the hood, Modern technology, and safety features are all things that car manufacturers have to consider when designing new models.

The appearance of the various crossover vehicles is a clear indicator that drivers want a car that is capable of doing it all. Automakers continue to answer the call of automotive consumers demand for ultimate versatility from their vehicles, thereby producing multiple models, capable of being what the consumer wants

These models of cars are economical, stylish, luxurious, versatile, and at the same time, just plain fast. This is right to the point that the sport sedan segment with models with of break-neck performance ability, road-trip comfort, and grocery run economy in the same vehicle, has become the fastest growing segment of the industry.

The article highlights models that stand as examples of excellent applications of the design and latest technology found in recent sports sedans. No matter desire in a car, these models are sure to amaze and impress you.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Since its partnership with Fiat-Chrysler in 2008, Alfa Romeo has been fighting to make a comeback in the US market. Its reappearance in North America was received with mixed reviews, but all that will change with the debut of the 2017 Giulia Quadrifoglio.

The Quadrifoglio, also referred to as “four-leaf” clover, is as designation assigned to Alfa Romeo racing cars and top of the line models in the 1920s. Blending classic Italian beauty and luxury with track-ready performance, the Giulia Quadrifoglio is no exception.

A major feature of the Giulia Quadrifoglio features is its twin-turbo 90 degree V6 engine. Generating a whopping 505 horsepower capable of propelling the Giulia to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, this vehicle can only be uniquely referred to as a race inspired powerhouse. Powering its rear wheels, the Giulia Quadrifoglio is equipped with an advanced performance automatic transmission, like any real sports car.

The Quadrifoglio uses a smart traction control system that eliminates spin while not reducing power at any time to help the rear wheels handle the immense power of the twin-turbo V6. To help boost downforce on the front wheels when driving at higher speeds, it uses the world’s first active front spoiler, that is electronically engaged.

The extra downforce is a necessity for a vehicle able to achieve a top speed of 191 mph. The Quadrifoglio is not only capable of incredible performance but is also among the few select vehicles that are equipped with enough high-tech components and design to make driving at incredible speed effortless. The Quadrifoglio is going to be a hit if you can afford at its price tag of $72,000 MSRP.

2017 Chevrolet SS

The 2017 Chevrolet SS sedan is a genuine combination of luxury car, sports car, and drivetrain design. It features a 6.2L LS2 V8 engine. Those who know cars will recognize this as the same base engine featured in Camaro high-performance models. The inclusion of that engine in a car which also uses rear-wheel drive produces 415 horsepower, which is great for going from 0 to 60 within 4.7 seconds.

The SS houses all this performance in a pantheon of luxury and elegance. The use of lightweight aluminum alloys and the unibody construction results in a smooth, quiet cabin atmosphere for cruising at the same time being strong and lightweight enough for crisp handling on rough roads.

The Chevy SS boasts luxurious technology features and tons of interior cabin space for road trips and family excursions. Making the SS ready for the challenge of any weekend or commute is the addition of tech features, like LED heads up display and magnetic ride control. This model offers a good price for your money at a starting price of $47,000.

2017 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

The sporting history of the BMW 3-series sedan cannot be doubted. What earned it a permanent spot in the sports car hall of fame is its history of performance through simplistic precision design. BMW is a company sensitive to the needs of their audience as evidenced by how classic their recipe for the sport sedan is. Hence, they have become proficient at offering just the right tweaks to make their offerings all the more appealing.

There are 4-series of the Gran Coupe. As introduced by BMW a few years ago, the 4-series is an option for those who want a car with a size between the 3-series and the 5-series. It is engineered from the same chassis and comes equipped with very similar drivetrain options as the 3. The standard inline six cylinders and the livelier turbocharged versions are completed by the environmental friendly yet capable turbo diesel.

The 4-series is available in a traditional sedan and a 2-door coupe. The all-new 5-door Gran Coupe, however, brings BMW drivers a new way to experience “the ultimate driving motor.” Offering sedan sportiness and styling with the utility of a compact SUV, the Gran Coupe uses a sport hatchback arrangement with a fully folding rear seat.

You can fine tune the right BMW for you considering the packages and multiple trim levels available. There are tons of options for your budgetary needs Priced between $30,000 to $50,000 MSRP. The 4-series Gran Sport allows consumers to enjoy the pairing of real world utility with sport performance.  When executed properly, having too many options isn’t a bad thing. Each option can be equally suited and perfect what you require in a vehicle.

2017 Cadillac CT6

As is the hallmark of Cadillac vehicles for the past couple decades, the CT6 is a culmination of technology and design. At home both on country roads and in valet parking at 5-star restaurants, the CT6 is a capable sport sedan.

It is available with a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 engine. This model can compete favorably with the best of them considering it is equipped with all-wheel drive. This vehicle is the new leader of the Cadillac line with it being loaded with some of the most advanced innovations in the world of cars.

Exclusive to the 2017 CT6 are features like enhanced night vision and pedestrian collision avoidance technology. The innovations incorporated into this model are all aimed at designing a luxuriously comfortable experience passengers and drivers alike. With the purpose of generating the best driving experience available as they are known for this Cadillac uses the highest technology to achieve its goals.

The 2017 lineup of sport sedans is incredible in every sense of the word. With the aim of creating precision tuned works of art, car manufacturing firms are globally instituting the latest styling and the highest technology. For today’s consumer – you, these vehicles are all aimed at being the perfect car. They go beyond the limits of performance believed to be plausible just a few short years ago, to ensuring you now have the opportunity to find all you require from a car in one sport sedan.

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