How to Get Great International Airline Tickets

Look no further if you like saving money on airfare when flying abroad, we've got you covered...

For some of us, finding the best deals on flights is part of the fun of traveling.  Whether you are planning a long trip to Europe, there are almost always great deals to be found if you spare the time to find them. Occasionally, to liaise with travel experts who are able to share with you the best deals on flights currently available for  international flights is best. These deals include many of the top US airlines and international carriers.

Foreign/International Flights

Some best deals on flights are for international travel. For instance: Swiss International is offering nonstop, round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Zurich for $500 from November through March of next year.

Sales offered by Delta are a round-trip ticket nonstop from Seattle to Beijing for $460. This discount is available for travel from late September through November 1st

If you live in North-eastern US: Chicago, Boston or San Francisco and are interested in a vacation to Europe, with your departure October 1 through December 12, 2018 and January 11 through March 31, 2018, you got to consider Air Berlin. They are currently holding a sale on tickets departing several American cities to Europe with a minimum stay of one day and a maximum of three months.

Basic round-trip fares include: Chicago, IL (ORD) To Berlin, Germany (TXL) $659 nonstop, Chicago, IL (ORD) To Budapest, Hungary (BUD) $577,

Chicago; IL (ORD) To Cologne, Germany (CGN) $598, Chicago, IL (ORD) To Dusseldorf, Germany (DUS) $607, and Chicago, IL (ORD) To Frankfurt,

Germany (FRA) $607. Fares from other cities include: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) To Dusseldorf, Germany (DUS) $596 round-trip, nonstop, Los Angeles, CA

(LAX) To Hamburg, Germany (HAM) $592 round-trip, Miami, FL (MIA) ToBerlin, Germany (TXL) $624 round-trip, nonstop.

Air Canada, Austrian, and United are offering a great airline -deal if you fly from Los Angeles to Vienna, Austria. A round-trip fare is available from mid September through October 25th for $590.

Southwest Air is running a sale on nonstop, round-trip flights to Belize for $340, so if you also reside in the Denver area and are interested in travel to the tropics. The sale applies to trips between March 11th – April 22nd more so, Alaska Air is holding a sale on nonstop, round-trip fares from Los Angeles to Liberia, Costa Rica for $360. The rate applies to travel from September 6th through December 6th.

JetBlue is offering a discounted rate for nonstop, round-trip flights to Hamilton, Bermuda of only $195. These fares will be available for travel starting in September through May, for those who travel from the New York City area.

You can fly to Tokyo from Los Angeles on Singapore Airlines for a special rate of $540. The round-trip, nonstop flights are available from August through March.

Lastly, the residents of the Capital city, Washington, DC who are looking for flights to Toronto, Canada should consider united airline. United is offering a special rate of $220 for nonstop, round-trip flights from early September to mid­ December.

Domestic/ Local US Flights Presently there are some great deals available with Alaska Airlines for travel during the late summer and early fall months. Alaska Airlines is offering discounted fares such as a $98 fare for a round-trip flight from Los Angeles toMonterey, Salt Lake City to San Jose, CA $128 round-trip, Boise to Salt Lake City $132 round-trip, Seattle to Walla Walla $137 round-trip, Boise to Reno $152 round-trip, or Portland to Spokane $157 round-trip. Although restrictions may apply, many more discounted fares are available for other destinations.

Southwest Airlines is running a sale on fares for travel from August 23 through February 15. While there are blackout dates and there is a 14-day advance purchase requirement, the discounted round-trip, nonstop fares include Oakland, CA (OAK) To Reno, NY (RNO) $78, Greenville, SC (GSP) To Atlanta, GA (ATL) $93, Des Moines, IA (DSM) To St. Louis, MO (STL) $98,

Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) To Chicago, IL (MDW) $98, Wichita, KS (lCT) To St. Louis, MO (STL) $98, and Indianapolis, IN (IND) To Chicago, IL (MDW) $98.

Delta is offering lower fares for travel to Florida from within the United States from late August through mid-December. Sample round-trip include Bismark to Tampa $364, Cincinnati to Sarasota $244, Detroit to Melbourne $244, Detroit to West Palm Beach $227, and Fargo to Ft. Lauderdale $364.

Lastly, if you are interested in traveling from Chicago to Atlanta between August and November, consider flying United. United is offering nonstop flights from Chicago to Atlanta, round-trip for just $77! This discounted rate, will continue until November 16th of this year.

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