The Top 2 River Cruises in Amsterdam

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As stated earlier, European river cruises are among the most popular river cruises in the world. The most memorable vacation experience is that of travelling with a fabulous river cruise, with Amsterdam river cruises topping the list for many experienced cruise enthusiasts.

Amsterdam cruises offers suitable preferences and budget for travelers. Packages like, sightseeing tours, day and night tours through the main city, lunch and dinner cruises, theme and cultural tours, and many, several cruises within the waterways of Amsterdam, providing for any traveler with wonderful options all with amazing experience. The competitive, cruise lines available makes, Amsterdam an inherent port in their multi-day cruises, either starting the trip from the city, or making the city one of their significant stops along their voyage. Excellent River cruises await the travelers eager to see the magnificent city Amsterdam.

There are 2 notable and well recognized cruises among many others.

Viking River Cruises Grand European Tour

Viking is a world’s leading cruise line, taking travelers through the heart of Europe. ‘Vikings begins trip in Amsterdam, with port Kinderdijk, Cologne, Koblenz, Miltenberg, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensberg, Passau, Melk, Vienna, and Budapest.

Featuring this breath taking 15-day journey;

A Welcome cocktail reception and dinner is served to travelers once they come aboard, and partake in complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks with on board lunch and dinner. All meals are provided, which includes 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches, and 14 dinners, all which feature regional specialties 12 guided tours with audio headset are available for travelers who wish to get out and learn more about these historic cities.

Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites are visited as it travels along the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers, seeing the very best to be seen, sailing through a unique waterways perspective, of The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Travelers enjoy concerts both aboard and ashore, ranging from baroque organ music to Austrian classics, experiences Viking’s Cultural Curriculum. Lectures can be attended, to learn about current affairs in the European Union, Holland and Germany, and even learn how to make their own Rudesheimer coffee.

There are wonderful rooms to sleep in at night, luxurious European linens and duvets providing perfect comfort, with heated floor bathrooms featuring Freyja bath products a comfortable convenience for guests as well. Free internet access is also featured in all rooms and common areas, libraries services are also available. 75-Minute Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Rijksmuseum and Heineken Experience Tickets

They are highly rated when it’s time for dinner; guests can take a table out on the deck, or inside the lower saloon. Diners have choices for meat, fish, or vegetarian selection, all cooked on board, ensuring the very best Duality. Homemade dessert, coffee or tea, and this wonderful dining experience will be as memorable as the sights that are seen along the way.

River cruise travelers really derive lots of pleasure in sightseeing, touring the city by water, with the flexibility of time to see on land attractions in the order they choose to, at a very suitable pace. The travelers can enjoy their cruise, a combination of three of Amsterdam’s most beloved attractions in a single independent package.

In addition, they are treated to recorded commentary with audio headphones, this cruise goes along the canals for a 75-minute tour, cruising past modem architecture, historic neighborhoods, and the stunning harbors.

Tickets also cover admittance to the former Heineken brewery, now hosting the Heineken Experience. An extremely popular attraction, this is an interactive exhibition. During this enjoyable 90-minute self-guided tour, visitors will learn all about the brewing and bottling process. A nice in-depth look, at the process, that has made Heineken, one of the most popular beers in the world.

From, no delay in getting tickets, to the museum and brewery, to getting a different, unique view and perspective of the city from the water. Past travelers with this cruise have raved about many great attributes in taking this cruise. Overwhelming, positive reviews that make this Amsterdam River cruise one not to be missed.

The Amsterdam Canals Cruise with kings table meals

Tourists usually see wonderful edifices while travelling by land during the day, one other unique way of seeing the wonderful city is by exploring by a river cruise during the evening to behold the city’s beautiful lights while dining on a meal fit for a King or Queen. This cruise features packages where by travelers can enjoy a welcome drink right from the start.

Unlimited drinks and tea that is available and desired during the excursion. This Amsterdam dinner cruise slowly traverses the city’s canals within 3 hours, with notable attractions as the Anne Frank House and Hermitage Museum seen along the way. The waiting staff on board this sightseeing cruise will provide insightful facts and information throughout the journey, so travelers can really get a better understanding of what marvels they’re seeing while enjoying their meals

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