The Latest Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Options

Don't suffer from Type 2 diabetes any more! Find out the best treatment options

Do you have type two diabetes?  If you are, then you have to be thoroughly educated on the need for proper care for your condition.  Type two diabetes is not only a deadly disease; it brings along other health concerns like heart disease, infections, and eye disease.  When diabetes is left untreated, it can cause worse health issues; severe enough to cause death.

Research by several health organizations on this growing and dreaded disease has led to new findings. Questions like what are the causes of diabetes?  What are the most effective medications and what are the preventive measures, are the questions that scientists have been asking.  Here are some recent findings from their studies.

Benefits of Coffee

If you start your day with a cup of coffee and worry that this is a bad habit, stop worrying.  Check this out. Scientists, in 2017, discovered that a cup of coffee could help prevent type two diabetes.  In a recent development, the FDA stated that an individual can drink 5 cups of coffee daily without experiencing any negative side effects.  This seems like good news to coffee lovers.

Genetics and Diabetes

Researchers have discovered that genetics may be the cause of some types of diabetes.  Scientists discovered that genetics is the cause of between 1% and 5% of all diabetic cases.  We are hopeful that this study will eventually lead to the discovery of special genetic treatments.

More Sleep; Better Insulin Control

Sleep starvation is a major risk factor for diabetes and insulin resistance.  When an individual is deprived of adequate sleep, it boosts resistance to insulin, a condition which results in poor glucose metabolism – this is a known cause of type two diabetes.  Based on research, two nights of good sleep can reset your body to the normal insulin level before the deprivation.

New Diabetes Therapies

Over the years, diabetes treatment has evolved from injecting pig insulin to the current types of type two diabetes treatment.

Here are, some of the current types of treatments that are creating waves in 2020. Some of these are:

Basaglar: Biosimilar Insulin

The research revealed that people living with type two diabetes recorded better results when they replaced Lantus with Basaglar.  FDA approved Basaglar is a biosimilar insulin that was launched in the united states at the later part of last year.  Consult your doctor for more info.

The Insulin Patch

Indication shows that researchers are close to releasing an insulin patch for treating diabetes.  The insulin patch has received a  $1.6 million research based grant.  Dr. Gu is the head researcher in developing the insulin patch.  His goal is to increase the capacity of the patches to involve glucagon, in the event of a ridiculously low glucose level.

First Hybrid Artificial Pancreas

In 2017 the FDA  approved the first hybrid artificial pancreas; a small device (like a pager) which can be attached to a belt.  It is used to check both glucose level and supply of insulin.  Although it is not fully automated, it’s far more automated than older alternatives.

Diabetes Related Apps

Handling your diabetes is no brainier.  With the help of diabetes tracking apps,you no longer have to record everything in a journal.  Apps can help with providing daily reminders, recommending low carb meals and doing calculations.  Here are some essential apps for both Android and iPhone mobile devices.

iCookbook Diabetic

iCookbook Diabetic is an iPhone compatible app, which serve as a compact diabetic cookbook.  You have access to a large database of recipes- all diabetic friendly courses.


This is an app that is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.  Glooko helps you manage all your diabetic tools in one place.  You can use a single app to sync fitness tracker, an insulin pump and more. It also comes with a features like carb intake management, diet tracker, blood sugar management, and insulin tracker. The sole disadvantage is the annual access fee.

Miser Diabetes Logbook

Here is another great app that works fine with both Android and iPhone devices.  You can track virtually everything from a single dashboard, ranging from injections to moods.

GoMeals App

With the help of the GoMeals mobile apps, you can find a wide range of healthier food options.  It has a Restaurant Locate which helps you get restaurants near you and other nutritional information.  You can monitor your diet with this free tool.

As you ca see, there has been a lot of recent developments in research for diabetes.  There are new treatments, knowledge of the disease, and apps to help individuals track their diabetes.  These developments are great for people with diabetes.  The hope is that research will continue and that more treatments will be found to treat diabetes.

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