The New Cadillac CTS Sedan

The 2016 new Cadillac CTS Sedan offers one of the most stylish, aerodynamically carved lines of a renowned luxury vehicle. Having many obtainable upgrades, the fashionable four door Cadillac CTS sedan grips the interest of drivers seeking a world-class prestigious and sophisticated automobile.

An Overview

This fantastic four-door sedan measures 72.2 inches in width and an unstinting 57.2 inches in height. Customers are offered the choice to select the beautiful Sedan in either Black Raven or Ecstatic Silver Metallic, or in one of eight other beautiful available paint colors. A collection of interior trim packages allows for a smooth customization of the finely-detailed, luxurious cabin. The luxurious automobile with a starting MSRP of $45,560, it offers a quite a number of attractive available upgrade options. It also endows several essential standard features, including a dazzling twin-turbo 2.0L four-cylinder engine with an amazing 268 horsepower and exterior daytime running lamps, 8-speed transmission, covered cup-holders, a built-in back view camera, a world-class Traction Control System, anti-lock brakes and a state-of-the-art anti-theft system.


The Cadillac CTS Sedan is packed with a lot of unique features which distinguish this model. Here is a brief of some of these unique features:


This model is initially tested by Cadillac under race-course environments so you should expect a terrific automatic performance in this vehicle. This fantastic model features the well-engineered four-piston aluminum Brembo® braking system, and it also is fitted with a multifaceted magnetic suspension system that changes to accommodate a wide range of roadway surfaces, equipped with such mechanical performance this beautiful sedan offers a very reactive, sporty ride. Not only does it offer an amazing ride, but it also gives drivers the ability to program climatic controls to boost cabin comfort.


When it comes to safety Cadillac has fitted quite a number of well-sophisticated important safety features in the standard variant of the CTS Sedan. Cadillac equips this model with passenger and driver air bags, and protections against side collision effects, also this model is furnished with some safeguard measures against crumbling due to the auto’s firmly constructed steel frame. Talking about more safety, Cadillac includes a rear-view camera to help drivers reverse the vehicle successfully. Buyers are also offered the luxury to select an accessible OnStar satellite-connected navigational system efficient enough of calling for assistance rapidly on the occasion of roadside complications.


The design of the command console, is an aspect Cadillac didn’t disappoint, Cadillac includes a state-of-the-art computer screen menu allowing the driver to change instrument views as desired. In addition to tracking speed and mileage, for example, anyone behind the wheel of the CTS also enjoys the capability of monitoring infotainment selections effortlessly by adjusting the console display which is an LCD. Cadillac included some other cool features which include music from Pandora, roadway information and detailed weather and phone integration. With the listed features you enjoy an amazing hands-on-the-wheel communications through voice commands.

Fuel Efficiency

With the Cadillac CTS Sedan 2016 standard model you enjoy significantly improved fuel economy on the open highway than you will in city traffic. In the previous model, you get an average of 31 miles per gallon. Nevertheless, that figure is reduced to 21 miles per gallon in an urban driving condition. An automatic start and stop feature is also one of the top features the CTS boasts of, this feature is designed to help enhance efficiency.


When it comes to competing with other top model, the CTS sedan contends with quite a lot prestigious vehicle models. Though it is considerably less expensive than the luxurious 2016 model of the BMW 7 series, yet you still get a keyless remote start system. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E class is also endowed with many of the same features at a price that is slightly higher than that of the Cadillac CTS. Similar to its main competitors, the CTS deliveries an exterior elegance with a very comfortable and smooth ride in a finely-detailed cabin.

Pros and Cons

A top selling point of the 2016 Cadillac CTS Sedan is the price which makes this luxury vehicle more affordable than most of it competitors. High-quality precision engineering and the vehicle’s attractive trim options is another key feature that recommends this model. Talking about the cons, some luxury and powerful BMW series 5 models enjoy a significant level of fuel efficiency than the CTS sedan.

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