The New Subaru XV Crosstrek

Known for their versatility and affordability in the auto industry, Subaru introduced the XV Crosstrek which solves the problem of combining superb highway and rough road transport. The three models: the 2.0i, 2.0i premium, and 2.0i limited possess similar handling and functionality. As with all our products, they possess high safety characteristics with state of the art driver assist technology available on all models. With this feature, many driving manoeuvres like brake and lane maintaining systems can be easily checked.

Known for its fuel efficiency and 4- wheel manoeuvrability, users of the crosstrek enjoy improved ROI with special features like a high towing capacity (1,500 pounds) and drift. It has a ground clearance of about 9 inches with 18 degrees approach angle, 21 degrees ramp break-over and a 30 degree departure angle. For a cruise to the village, or a rough terrain ride, there are few places to look for alternatives.

Basic Features

The Subaru Crosstrek sets the pace in the compact crossover range of cars. It ranks high for length, wheelbase, width and room for leg space for front passengers. From the front bumper to the hydraulic lift gates. The frame is built to be sleek to enhance its overall design and its aerodynamic qualities. The Manufacturer’s specified retail price is the $20,000 range due to its added features.

Additional Features

There have been a variety of Subaru XV Crosstrek products previously in the market characterised by standard rugged roof racks. Though not the most compelling feature, it stands at 60% for cargo management with a superb interior that beautifies seating and steering wheels with leather covering. The exterior balances it in quality with a power roof gliding and tilting feature.

Packed with Bluetooth, GPS and satellite radio, the Crosstrek is comfy to use and possesses a range of safety features with rear view cameras and Vehicle dynamics control. Each frame was built with intrinsic precision that enables energy from a hit to go around the vehicle.

Comparison with alternatives

Alternatives to the Subaru Crosstrek are the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-5 and Nissan Juke. They pale in comparison based on 4- wheel drive symmetry, heated outdoor mirror, interior mirror, privacy cover and fog lamps while only the Honda comes close for windshield wipers.

Fuel Usage

With almost 16 gallons, the crosstrek is armed with the largest fuel capacity in its range of competitors and it goes as good as 35mpg on the express. With trade mark engine design configuration, the inbuilt piston system works smartly to avoid vibration effect. Another smart invention of the Subaru is the Lineartronic which uses continuously variable transmission to optimize performance and for the premium, you can alternate its use.

Gains and Drawbacks

Ranked by the Kelley Blue Book as the most trusted brand, best overall brand and best resale value, the build ensures that users are comfortable no matter where they play. For a price of $25,000, the premium models have clutch free dashes and pads with very wide front and rear windshields that improve visibility.

The draw backs include lack of acceleration, and complaints that the 5 speed manual and 6 speed transmissions tend to be noisy and it also possesses just one engine selection with a 148hp H4 2.0L power train. Another being that drivers may want more space for cargo to make up for its split folding rear seats.

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