Top Cable TV Provider Packages

If you want to choose the best Cable TV provider, you should read our guide below

There are dozens of cable businesses operating within the USA. Selecting a desired cable television package can be tedious and stressful. And aside from just choosing, you are required to put pen on paper for at least about a year. Therefore, you want to get what you really need what suits your needs. And thus, in other to enjoy any of the chosen packages, it is advisable to execute a bit of a research to understand what’s available in one’s locality.

Aside from numerous service providers in the state, most providers require their customers to make advance payment at the point of registering for their services.

It is good to rate family’s viewing behavior to determine what capabilities you may possibly want, what specific channels are must-haves, and exactly what technology you already have in your house. In this case, you are going to have the ability to pin point the package. Cable television viewers are offered various packages of channels you can sign up to.


Out of the foremost cable television packages on the market today, the three distinguished companies providing this package include Verizon Fios, Comcast Xfinity, and DirecTV.

Though Verizon Fios has not yet covered all the states in the USA but it is considered to be one of the fastest growing services. This is one of the reasons why it is imperative to check the availability of the network services before getting the package.

Another service provider that is recognized to be the biggest provider in the United States is the Xfinity. It is more accessible in more locations in the states.

It gives high-speed Internet with speeds of up to 2 GBPS. The coverage map will let you know where Xfinity Internet is available, the availability of the internet connectivity is determined by the coverage map and where it offers 3G and 4G Internet services.

In addition to this, Xfinity offers the best HD experience, including Xfinity On Demand?, which brings you more ways to watch your favorite TV programming. Other unique features exhibited by this company are the numerous products and apps to ensure the best entertainment experience. Their commitment to providing excellent services to the customers can never be over emphasized anytime something goes wrong

Above all, another very important service provider is DirectTV. Despite the lower subscribers on this network, it is regarded as the most widely accepted in the United States due to its presence in all the states with the help of satellite television service

DirecTV’s XTRA package

The price of this package is slated at $70 per month. When subscribing for this package it is compulsory to go by the rules and regulations of the Direct Tv affirming the regular payment of the services

Comcast’s X1 Package: This package is different from Direct TV package in many areas. The package which is known as Double Play package starts at $89.99 per month with specifications of making payment for a minimum of 24 months. It is imperative to know that choice of channels less be compared with other packages in some networks.

Apart from Direct TV and Comcast’s X1 Preferred Double Play package, Verizon Fios’ Triple Play package is another package to be identified with. The cost of this package starts with $79.99 per month. This package involves two variants. One variant attracts a 2 years contract bargaining while the other variant does not.


DirectTV XTRA package: The number of channels embedded in the DirectTV XTRA package is more than two hundred and twenty (220). This entails sports channels like Tennis Channel, NBA TV, and NHL TV.

Comcast’s X1 Preferred Double Play package operates 220 channels to its customers without collecting a dime for one year

Verizon: The package offer by Verizon is distinctly different from both packages mentioned earlier. In addition to the existing channels, various news networks like, FOXNEWS and BBC America are also added.


Nearly all these service providers give benefits to their customers upon signing up of one package or the other. It is critical to know that one of the criteria set in choosing a provider is to ascertain the type of services available in a specific location. The more inquiry one makes in determining the services and benefits from the network services, the more likely it is that one will be contented with a desired choice.

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