Top of the line Affordable Electric Cars 2016

Innovation has progressed so quickly that things we only dreamed of 20 years back are now standard parts of our regular day to day existences. In the not- so- distant past, an electric auto was just a dream. Today, you have a considerable measure of choices, so you can pick an electric auto with best elements at the best cost.

Costs may change contingent upon models and brands. Despite the fact that others may appear to be costly, they are likewise reasonable as what many individuals may anticipate from an idea auto, especially since most electric autos today have top wellbeing appraisals. In addition, you can likewise save money on fuel or power since they have the best mileage you will without a doubt appreciate.

To give you a thought, here are the 10 first class electric autos you can search for in 2016:

Tesla Model S

Cost: $67,500 – $75,000

Tesla Model S is the most beloved electric auto that numerous auto devotees wish to have. You will love the simplicity of taking care of this auto, as it does precisely what you have at the top of the priority list.

Inside, it’s roomy and pleasant. Outside, it is just lovely. Beside that, Tesla Model S is one of the most secure electric autos at any point fabricated.

Nissan LEAF

Cost: $21,510 – $29,010

As far as cost and its proportion to the elements, Nissan LEAF is the pioneer. Along these lines, it has turned into the top of the line electric auto in Japan as well as in many parts of the world, for example, in Europe and in the US also.

This auto can offer 114 MPGe, which is genuinely useful for an auto that is both productive and reasonable. It looks little, yet it has five seats inside with an average measure of legroom.

BMW i3

Cost: $34,900 – $42,400

BMW i3 is a smidgen expensive, however it’s very reasonable contrasted with the Tesla Model S. BMW i3 orders a high value since it’s a top of the line show. With astounding elements and plan, the cost is still lower than the auto’s esteem.

This electric auto is known for its smooth taking care of, so the helpful driving background you will arrive is unmatched. What’s more, as other electric autos, BMW i3 is roomy and productive.

Mercedes B-Class Electric

Cost: $33,950 – $41,450

Mercedes B-Class Electric is the immediate correlation of the BMW i3 regarding cost as well as far as components. Notwithstanding, Mercedes B-Class Electric comes up somewhat short as far as power productivity, with 84 MPGe as contrasted and 124 MPGe that is offered by BMW i3. In any case, Mercedes B-Class Electric is more moderate than BMW i3. All things being equal, the two autos are firmly equivalent with each other in numerous angles.

Chevy Spark EV

Cost: $18,495 – $25,995

Chevy Spark EV may not be brimming with better components than what other electric autos can offer. Be that as it may, you will be astonished that this electric auto can be bought at a value that is much lower than the normal new auto in the US. On the off chance that you think electric autos are constantly expensive, Chevy Spark EV will demonstrate you off-base. What’s more, however it is little with just four seats inside, Chevy Spark EV compensates for it with a noteworthy 119 MPGe.

VW e-Golf

Cost: $25,950 – $33,450

Volkswagen e-Golf is likewise a standout amongst the most famous electric autos as far as advantageous driving. Likewise, it offers comfort to travelers with a few cool elements. It has warmed front seats and a 7.2kW on-board charger. Besides, it has a decent back view camera. Then again, Volkswagen e-Golf offers a conventional 116 MPGe, making it a standout amongst the most proficient electric autos in the market today.

Kia Soul EV

Cost: $26,200 – $33,700

Despite the fact that it is not yet a best offering auto as it is not yet fabricated in amount, the Kia Soul EV will without a doubt be one soon. It is exceptionally slick outside and extensive inside. It offers 93-mile extend, which is significantly longer than that of other electric autos. Kia Soul EV has a 105 MPGe. What is astounding about this auto is its voice order route. There is a report that Kia is wanting to expand its generation of Kia Soul EV — a move numerous auto purchasers are amped up for.

Ford Focus Electric

Cost: $21,670 – $29,170

The Ford Focus Electric is basically wonderful. This is the reason it used to be offered at a high cost, yet the cost has now been decreased altogether. Along these lines, it has turned out to be a standout amongst other offering electric autos up until now. It has a 75-mile range, and it offers 105 MPGe.

Fiat 500e

Cost: $24,800 – $32,300

The Fiat 500e is adorable and little, however it’s one of the sportiest and quickest electric autos out there. Ironicly the leader of the Fiat organization doesn’t care for this model, while many individuals like it and get it. The fate of this auto is as yet indeterminate — yet in the event that the organization keeps on advancing it, the Fiat 500e can rule the little electric auto portion.

Renault Zoe

Cost: $17,000

Renault Zoe is not yet accessible in the US, but rather its developing deals in Europe will appear to be the purpose behind US extension. In any case, it will definitely be accessible in the US soon. When it happens, this auto will end up plainly well known as it offers an astounding 210 kilometers of range.


All car organizations are delivering their own particular electric car forms these days. It implies there are a great deal of electric autos you can find in the market today. The above autos are only one of them, however they are truly outstanding as far as proportion amongst components and reasonableness. By and by, every single electric auto is a stage in front of the customary gas energized autos.

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