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What Are Top Myths About Senior Assisted Living?

Senior assisted living communities are designed to enable people to maintain the independence they enjoy, while allowing for convenient access to help, companionship and activities.  Communities work hard to make certain that seniors feel right at home.

Regardless of the terrific benefits of community living, making the decision to move is a tough one for many seniors and their families. Listed below are some common myths about senior assisted living that might help you recognize the advantages of this living option.

1. Senior Assisted Living Communities Lack Privacy And Personal Space

Truth: You will have your personal space without the hassles.  Privacy and independence are maintained when living in a senior assisted living community.  Most communities offer you a selection of spacious apartments with different floor plans and separate entrances.  You’re free to furnish your apartment with your own furniture and personal items. The doors to your apartment lock and are controlled by you. You also need to feel at home and totally secure in your surroundings.

2. Moving Far Away From Loved Ones Means That No One Will Be Around To Help

Truth: Communities have built in security and safety measures together with 24-hour staff.  Senior assisted living communities are designed to decrease the stress that often comes from living independently.  Staff are set up to respond quickly and instantly to you in case you want someone to assist you.

3. You Will Not Be Able To Have An Outlet For Your Hobbies

Truth: Senior community living normally means that seniors are more active than they had been when living independently.  Many facilities have gardening programs for residents along with fitness centers, bingo, cards, and book clubs.  Studies have shown that individuals that are engaged and active are healthier and happier. Extensive action programs give all residents options tailored for their precise needs, desires, and even lifestyle. These programs reduce the isolation felt when living independently.

As we age, our lives change-often in unexpected ways.  You don’t need to be alone when these changes happen. Senior assisted living is a viable alternative and can improve your quality of life enabling you to live that life how you want to.

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