What is a health care plan?

There are four basic versions of Health Plans:

  • Group Model Health Plan: This kind of Health Plan contracts with physicians organized as a partnership, professional corporation or other institution. The health plan compensates the group for services at a rate, which group is responsible for compensating its doctors and contracting hospitals to care for their own patients.
  • IPA Health Plan: The Health Plan contracts with an association of healthcare professionals to offer medical services in exchange for a negotiated fee. The IPA subsequently contracts with doctors who remain in their individual or group clinics.
  • Network Model Health Plan: A health care model where the Health Plan contracts with more than 1 physician group and might contract with solitary and multi-specialty groups. Use savings may be shared in by the doctor, but may not provide care for Health Plan members.
  • Staff Model Health Plan: This health care model applies doctors to give health care to its members. All rates and other revenues accrue to the Health Plan, which disturbs doctors by incentive and wages programs.

Underneath the Federal Health Plan Act, a thing should possess three attributes to call an Health Plan:

  • A coordinated system for providing health care or assuring health care delivery into a geographical place,
  • an agreed upon set of basic and supplemental health maintenance and treatment providers,
  • a voluntarily enrolled group of people.
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