Which Credit Cards Are Best If You Have a Low Credit Score?

Do you have bad credit? Well there's good news... There are still some great credit card options for you!

In case you have low credit score, you might find that you are experiencing difficulties obtaining a very good credit card or obtaining a completely new credit card. Nevertheless, this is really a path worth following, because credit-building cards utilized intelligently can assist you to boost your credit ratings and obtain additional good things you desire out of life.

This article reviews the credit cards which most financial professionals presume are best for low credit score as well as the best way to improve your credit rating by making timely and agreed repayments. Choosing the right credit card to suit your needs is the right starting point towards the quest of increasing your credit rating.

What Exactly Is Bad Credit?

Before presuming you have got poor credit, it’s recommended that you find out your FICO credit ratings. Every one of the 3 leading credit reporting agencies (CRAs) possesses a unique scoring algorithm. Compare all the 3 to discover your position after which you can take action to improve your credit rating.

Generally, your credit ratings can vary from 300 to 850. In case you have got poor credit, your scores will likely range from 300 to 629. Which implies you’ll spend a lot more for credit. You might be required to pay extra charges, like a yearly cardholder charge, or even pay increased fees for an overdue payment. The loan provider takes bigger risk by loaning to borrowers with poor credit scores.

Cost of Poor Credit

As outlined by the Wall Street Journal, loan providers of all categories are considerably less likely to offer credit to an individual with poor credit. When looking for a credit card for poor credit, realize that not every credit card for poor credit is made alike.

Best 3 Credit Cards for Poor Credit

Dependent on your credit track record, you may have to open a protected credit card account or maybe become eligible for a non-secured card. Listed below are 3 credit-building cards you must consider today.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

Even though you’ll be required to supply Capital One with a security down payment to finance your earlier credit line, Capital One’s Protected MasterCard contains a lot of great benefits. There is absolutely zero yearly payment and, in contrast to several other secured credit card companies, Credit One constantly evaluates your account to provide you with credit line raises. You could be given an improved credit line after only five months of making regular credit card repayments. Additional benefits include:

  • After registering for the Capital One Protected MasterCard, all the 3 CRAs will get a month-to-month report of your payment record.
  • Depending on your present creditworthiness, Capital One decides the preliminary security down payment. Capital One could request for a dollar-for-dollar security down payment.
  • For example, in case you have got poor credit and low credit rating, Capital One could request for a $200 security down payment to obtain a $200 credit line. Your security down payment remains unchanged until Capital One suggests an improvement to your account.
  • Capital One is a prominent financial solutions firm in the United States. Your credit card report is simple to read. It’s easy to pay for your debt electronically. You do not experience unnecessary delays for days or weeks before your payment is confirmed.
  • Capital One provides zero cost accessibility to Trans Union’s CreditWise app. There’s no charge to find out your Trans Union ratings.
  • As a Capital One client, you can benefit from a complete list of financial solutions if you so desires. It’s easy to register an online savings/checking CD deposit, pension, as well as investment account at Capital One and monitor your money via the internet.
  • As a long-standing client with increasing credit, you could also submit an application for other loan facilities like an automobile loan.

Even though Capital One Protected MasterCard’s APR (annual percentage rate) is now 24.99 %, you may also raise your credit score by fully paying the monthly balance.

Credit One Bank Cash-Back Bonus Visa

In case you travel for business or perhaps make use of a credit card frequently, the Credit One Bank Cash-Back Bonuses Visa has got amazing benefits. In contrast to other credit card companies, you can verify if you pre-qualify for this card without creating a hard query. Excessive hard queries on your credit history can easily depress credit ratings.

In contrast to the Capital One Protected MasterCard, you don’t finance the Cash-Back Rewards Visa using a security down payment. Credit One Bank demands a yearly payment of $0 to $99, based on your creditworthiness. Below are extra advantageous attributes of the Credit One Bank Cash-Back Bonus Visa:

  • Your cash won’t be tie up in a security account.
  • You get 1 % cash-refund on several items, like groceries. Check out the terms and conditions to get more information.
  • You get zero cost credit rating tracking to monitor your credit rating.

After proving you are trustworthy with credit use, Credit One Bank might provide you with further opportunities to improve your credit line. Credit One Bank Cash-Back Bonus Visa provides a reduced 15.65 to 24 .15 % variable Annual percentage rate. If you are looking to carry a month-to-month balance, it’s vital that you select a credit card with a reasonable Annual percentage rate.

Many clients report that the Credit One Bank Cash-Back Bonus Visa preliminary line of credit is on the lower side. Should you need a bigger line of credit instantly, you may not find the performance you desire using this card.

But, in case credit-building is your primary aim, take it gently. Make use of lower credit than what is available for you. Financial professionals suggest making use of a maximum of 30 % of your usable credit monthly. For example, if you have got a $500 line of credit, use a maximum of $150 monthly.

Make your repayments on time and, when you can, pay back your credit card balance fully at every billing cycle to raise your credit ranking as soon as you can.

USAA Secured Card Platinum Visa

If you happen to be a member of the armed forces or a qualified relative, the USAA Secured Card Platinum Visa could be perfect for you. Your security down payment (minimum $250) finances a 2 -year USAA Certificate of Deposit (CD) which earns profit while you increase credit ratings. Many secured credit card packages don’t give returns on your security down payment.

You can make a down payment of up to $5,000 in the USAA CD. A bigger down payment makes you eligible for you for a bigger line of credit on a dollar-for-dollar schedule.

Listed below are a number of the advantages of the USAA Protected Card Platinum Visa:

  • Earn profit on your security down payment while you build your credit ratings. Make consistent payments promptly and keep the profit. Study the terms and conditions with respect to defaulting accounts. You’ll relinquish the profit accrued to your security down payment when you don’t pay your credit card charges as promised.
  • USAA’s protected card program can help you secure a credit card, not minding if you’ve not had any credit card previously or have got low credit score.
  • The USAA protected Visa provides chip technology. If you want to take a trip outside the United States, this information might be crucial to you. A few protected cards remain “swipe” style cards and, regrettably, not all foreign retailers will allow these kinds of cards these days.


Make use of the best 3 credit cards for poor credit as an integral part of a credit-building program. Examine your credit rating frequently. Challenge any mistakes you discover because, as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a lot of consumer credit profiles are filled with mistakes.

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