Fact Or Fiction? Debunking The Top 5 Online Education Myths

ELearning is quickly becoming one of the most well-known methods of delivering training.  ELearning has classes for everything imagineable.  However, the rising prevalence of eLearning has created lots of urban myths.  These myths turn people away from enrolling in eLearning courses.  Within this article, we will debunk five of the frequently encountered eLearning urban myths.

Myth 1 – ELearning Is Expensive

Lets put this myth to rest first. ELearning is not expensive.  It is actually more economical. It can save money for both trainers and students.  In most cases it is 25% more economical to have an ELearning class versus an in person class.

This has to do with time-savings.  It takes a lot of time to prepare training material, book locations, book speakers, make travel arrangements.  You have to do all of this before you even deliver your training/class.  If you have an Elearning class all you have to do is build the class, after that you can distribute it as many times you want to an unlimited audience.


Myth 2 – It Is Really Tough

That is just another common misunderstanding! ELearning platforms are very easy to to use.  It is easy to use for even people who are not very technical.  You don’t need to be a coder or even know how to use complicated software.  Nowadays, the eLearning platforms are web-based interfaces that can be built on the cloud. You can test drive different eLearning platforms for a short period of time to see which one is right for you.

Designing eLearning courses are also easy.  There are a number of graphic design and other online tools that can help create an interactive elearning class. All you have to do is provide the content.

Myth 3 – I Will Reduce My Intellectual Propery

As a growing number of eLearning courses are developed,  more questions regarding intellectual property (and copyright) are being asked.  In most cases, eLearning platforms allow developers to create their courses and keep their intellectual property.

The courses, design and content are all one of a kind.  This gives you every right to double check if your IP will remain safe before creating your course with the vendor.  All you have to do is look at the vendors terms and conditions that protect your IP.

Myth 4 – It is Not Possible To Track

This may possibly be true of  older, less complex eLearning platforms; however, keeping track is a fundamental feature of  contemporary eLearning platforms.

Most platforms will permit you to track the number of students that have completed your courses and also how they performed on the tests. Other activities you are able to track are earnings, product performance, and how many people use coupons and vouchers.  The main point is that you can find an eLearning platform that will let you track the data you need.

Myth 5 –  I’ll Lose Money By Selling My Courses Online

This is technically correct.  Putting your courses on an eLearning platforms can reduce your profits.  A lot of platforms take a cut of the profit; however, not all do.  Make sure that before you create your eLearning course, you research the providers.  There are providers that won’t charge you when your class becomes popular.  Its always a good idea to ask the providers if they will take a cut of your hard earned money.

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