What type of job opportunities are available for high school graduates?

The college graduate from the USA makes about $ annually than the normal high school grad. Even though a college degree qualifies employees for higher-paying jobs, there are a range of positions that need no longer than a high school diploma.

To recognize the highest-paying jobs for high school graduates, 24/7 Wall St. examined qualitative data in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those 150 jobs reviewed that need a high school education, 13 have median annual wages higher .

All these will be the highest-paying jobs for high school graduates.


Transport, storage, and supply managers
> Median annual wage: $86,630
> Typical training: Not one
p 2014 jobs: 111,600
> Projected change 2014-2024: 2.2percent

Transport, storage, and supply managers can expect to make more than $ the highest annual salary of almost any occupation that doesn’t need formal education beyond high school. There are a selection of job titles within the specialty, including shipping manager supply supervisor, warehouse supervisor, and transportation manager. Job responsibilities consist of supervising employees, adhering to budgets, and directing routing and dispatching operations.

Demand for these workers is projected to rise across all areas at a slower pace than demand. Those with a high school diploma might find it tough to find work.


Many who work in the area have finished an apprenticeship while a college education isn’t a requirement to working as an elevator installer and repairer. The occupation is one of two in the United States in which the person who has more than a high school diploma could make more than $80,000 annually.

Like most high-paying jobs using a attainment brink that is minimum that is very low, employed as an elevator installer can be dangerous and difficult. Employees therefore are vulnerable to falls, burns, and muscular strain and often spend hours in areas like elevator shafts. Due to the prospect of emergency repairs, elevator contractors could be on call 24 hours each day.


While police officials fight crime and enforce the law, detectives or criminal investigators are responsible for investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, and compiling details. Although it isn’t essential to get a detective to possess schooling beyond high school, the occupation is contingent on completion of a coaching academy. Wages are usually much higher than every occupation with comparable requirements. The detective that is normal earns over $77,000 annually.

High wages from the profession are expected to the pressures and risks. Working in crime scenes means working to distress and death.


First-line managers of non-retail sales employees
> Median annual wage: $72,300
> Typical training: Not one
p 2014 jobs: 430,700
> Projected change 2014-2024: 4.7percent

Sales workers’ normal manager, including positions such as division manager sales supervisor, and sales manager, earns $72,300 per year. Such supervisors are accountable for supervising sales workers, and could also execute accounting, budgeting, and personnel responsibilities. While the job will demand a high school diploma, sales managers work their way upward. Some sales metering jobs demand as many as five decades of experience in a related situation.

Their own companies may operate. Over 40 percent of workers are self employed, among the stocks of any livelihood.


Transportation inspectors are responsible for conducting security inspections for all modes of transport, such as flight and railroad. The normal transportation contractor earns $70,820, more than most but only four additional places that need just a high school instruction. Almost half of all transport inspectors work for the authorities, and approximately a third job in the personal transport and warehousing market.

Job outlook for your profession is less promising than the work market as a whole. Despite expectations that the trucking business will expand in the next several years, the BLS projects that the amount of transport inspectors will expand by only 1.2percent in the decade ending in 2024, much slower than the entire projected labour market development.


The vast majority of both postmasters and mail superintendents are no longer than a high school diploma in the manner of formal schooling. Even though there’s a low educational barrier to entrance, postmasters will need to possess some on-the-job experience in addition to management skills, organizational abilities, and also a knowledge of business management. Those in positions are paid. Email superintendent or A postmaster generates more than $70,000 annually, more than all but five jobs with education demands.

The job might not be a feasible choice for high school graduates in the future.


Media and communication equipment workers largely function from the motion picture and movie market. Over one-fourth of these employees reside at the Los Angeles metro area, in which the massive film industry probably provides the most jobs. Film work could be inconsistent, and this is 1 reason behind its high minimum pay several workers marriages that are entertainment-related need for their own members. Many communication and media gear jobs require employees to maintain such marriages, such as the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. Jobs may include team positions like boom operator, grip, gaffer, together with the more technical positions paying higher wages. The normal press and communication gear employee earns $70,590 a calendar year, among the highest salary of any job which needs a high school diploma.

More about the highest-paying jobs for high-school graduates

A number of the highest paying jobs which don’t need a college diploma still need some training beyond high school. As an instance, before lift installers and repairers could earn their considerable wages — the median is greater than $80,000 — almost all need to complete an apprenticeship program that normally lasts four decades.

Instead of a university education, other high-paying jobs need job experience. Of those 13 jobs which don’t need a bachelor’s degree and possess a median pay of over $60,000, just three are really entry-level positions that require no expertise or apprenticeships. By way of instance, gaming supervisors often work for many years as a trader or slot manager before they are encouraged to run on the casino floor. The normal trader earns $19,000 annually, significantly less than twenty-five the median salary of a gambling supervisor.

Jobs with reduced obstacles to entry can yield high wages if they’re stressful and dangerous. Dangers related to elevator and boiler making fix include other injuries such as bruises and broken bones and risk of burns. Other jobs can be taxing and stressful. Detectives can spend a lot of their lives around distress and death. The vast majority of employees in other high-paying areas, such as subway and streetcar operators, report coping with angry and disagreeable individuals on a daily basis.

To ascertain the highest-paying jobs for high school graduates, 24/7 Wall St. examined qualitative data in the BLS. Jobs were believed in the event the project required a high school diploma or equivalent, as recorded by the BLS. The highest-paying jobs were identified as the 13 jobs with a median annual wage higher than $60,000. Complete employment, projected job change, the share of employees in a specific job that are self explanatory, the normal work expertise required by an occupation, and also the normal on-the-job training necessary for a job also came in the BLS.



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