The New Hyundai Equus

The new 2020 Hyundai Equus is the most luxurious and efficient car released by its manufacturer to date.  By introducing their all-new concierge service, it sets the vehicle apart from its competition.  The concierge service brings a test drive anytime you want – whether you’re at work  or relaxing at home and have a craving for driving the new Equus.  The service center will also come directly to the home of owners for upkeep and regular vehicle checkups.  This is an unheard of level of service from Hyundai that should make consumers feel amazing.

Hyundai opted for better luxury and performance.

Features And Safety

The Equus has a starting MSRP of $61,500. It is a car the concentrates on luxury and performance.  While the price tag associated with the Equus may initially turn some people off, the features included are more than enough to make up for the cost.  Some of the features of the Equus are:

  • Heads-up Display
  • Smart trunk with auto open
  • Multi-view Camera System
  • 3-inch LCD
  • Back Seat Entertainment w/Dual 9.2-inch Monitors
  • Forward-view corner camera

The instrument display panel also includes trip data, like your average speed while driving, your estimated time of arrival, and how far you have left to go on said trip.

The 2020 Hyundai Equus comes fitted with a 429-HP V8 engine, which is stronger and more efficient than its  competition (Lexus LS 460).  The interior is a spacious 126 cubic ft.  While the LED fog lights, 19-inch wheels, LED turn-signal indicators and HID headlights provides a safe, reliable ride no matter what conditions you are driving in.

To a consumer, safety is always a primary concern.  This is why Hyundai is committed to offering some of the most dependable  and up to date safety features.  The 2020 Equus comes fitted with a reinforced body construction, nine airbags, and a Vehicle Stability Management system, which guarantees all safety features are always working as efficiently as possible.

The Competition

Hyundai is exceptionally quick to clarify how their 2020 Equus is superior to their competition.  They also include a small narrative with almost every feature they have listed, detailing how the car is better than their competitors. For example, the interior space is larger than that of the Mercedes-Benz S550, the engine is more efficient than the Lexus LS460, and it has a more affordable than both options.


Consumers get wary of the mileage that the 2020 Equus offers.  Its stock version receives 23 miles per gallon while driving on the highway and 15 miles per gallon in the city. Hyundai compensates for the low mileage with the power of the engine and various other features as well.  Their aim with the Equus was to create a luxury car not a fuel efficient car.


One of the advantages is its luxurious packaging, which comprises of the new technology included inside and out, the Concierge Service, and the safety features.  A nice touch is the free maintenance package, which covers you for three years or 36,000 miles.  These features attract most consumers almost immediately.

The disadvantage is obviously the low mileage, which is a deal breaking deciding factor for most consumers.  Especially with a price of over $60,000.  Many want to get as much mileage as possible, especially because gas is not cheap. Refilling the tank frequently will turn away a lot of potential buyers.

The unique features of the Equus should help set it apart from the competition.  The few disadvantages it does have can be overlooked in favor of the other amazing features it offers.

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