Top 3 US Cell Phone Providers

Choosing a phone carrier can be confusing, but if you read our guide below, you can help weather the storm

Service providers in the USA are competing with each other, shifting supplies and their coverage to meet up with the requirements of all users. Choosing the most appropriate provider is some time predicated about the services that a user wants to achieve.

In the last few years, the communication industry has become highly competitive especially among the top four players in the United States and certainly will attract an alternative kind of buyer.

The industry which was once taken over by two main field players and two minor players have been contending on price, coverage and reliability. Despite the competitiveness, three players from this industry have proven to be unique and different from others in terms of quality data, affordable price and premium quality. Each provider has different strengths even though the four have not been close.

Best Data Plans: T-Mobile

Among these service providers, T-Mobile is known to be one of the true companies that offer unlimited LTE data. The company offers an excellent and up to date service that cannot be compared with other service providers in many ways. The data plan, offered by this company is highly commendable and worthwhile. The company offers unlimited data to family plans as well as individual lines. T-Mobile offers 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB data plans on a per-line basis. One of the big advantages of this offer is the ability to share data with others on a particular line hence this makes it possible for the company to sell even more.

Other important services rendered by this company include:

  • Availability of LTE data at no extra cost in Canada and Mexico with Unlimited 2G data
  • Unused data roll over to the next month with a, 12-month expiration
  • Streaming music and video services which do not count against data allotments
  • Switching costs, including early termination fees and device payments, are paid when you switch to T-Mobile

These unbelievable terms stated above make the company stand out among its competitor especially in terms of its family plan structure.  There also are no roaming fees for delivering text messages or making use of information while overseas.

Excellent Family Plan and Coverage:

Verizon: The Newest Verizon Plan

The New Verizon Plan, revealed by Verizon in July 2017, offers significant package. The New Verizon Plan expanded shared information allocations for families, as well as executed two new components. The first of these components is information rollover, which enables unused information to move over to the following month with a 30-day lapse period.

The second plan exhibited by Verizon is a feature known as “safety mode”. One distinct feature about this plan is the ability to enable the mode to reduce data to 2 GB speeds which prevent data used from counting against that month’s allotment. Out of the four major service providers in the states, Verizon is the only one that offers unlimited plan to both individual and families.

Best Place to Bundle: AT&T

One of the major US cell phone providers is the AT&T. The company provides numerous services which include acquisition of DirecTV, provision of U-Verse service, supplies of wireless phone, landline phone, wired broadband, and television service from a single. Apart from giving discounts to the starters, AT&T also offers special plans which include provision of an unlimited LTE data plan for all customers who have either DirecTV or U-Verse television and internet services at their home address.

In addition to its unique quad play capability, AT&T also offers the nation’s second-largest LTE and 4G data coverage footprint, owns and operates AT&T Mexico, provides one month of data rollover. Moreover, the company offer, plans that comes with LTE footprint.

Apart from T-Mobile taking the lead in the industry, Verizon is positioned in the second category despite the fact that the company does not offer unlimited data but have the capacity to roll over unused data, limits the speed of the data and also provide significant largest wireless network in the community which possibly may be described as a very good match for people to trade with.

In accessing bundle multiple services, no other organization does it better than AT&T, though it is taking the third position among the top four wireless providers in the communication industry.

What Does It All Mean?

Each, of these American carriers is good at something a bit different from the other. Whatever kind of cell phone plans it offers for families, travelers, or bundlers. All in all there is a clear grading of today’s carriers based on the combined value of their offerings, the flexibility of their data allotments, and the way they adapt for individual, large families, international travelers, and business people’s account.

What was previously unlikely the best cell phone plans, speeds, and value-added amenities for both individuals and families is now by T-Mobile  which offers something for every type of family.

Verizon takes a rather strong second place behind T-Mobile. The company makes up for not offering unlimited data by offering to roll over unused data, slow down data speeds in exchange for not charging an overage. It offers the nation’s largest wireless network.

And lastly AT&T ranks third among the big four wireless providers. Its quad play provides a rebate opportunity. On the down side, AT&T boasts a smaller network than Verizon, and does not allow for data to be slowed down to, prevent an overage, and also only offering unlimited data to customers with DirecTV or U-Verse service. Furthermore, for the customer AT&T is more expensive with respect to mobile data than both Verizon and AT&T.

Now while all three top providers place differently in the grading, they offer fast LTE speeds, and present features and benefits that fit the needs of different types of families. As you make your choice between these three  carriers, not only should you consider the cost of the service, but also the overall value added services, the breadth of the network, and how these service might delve into home broadband and entertainment needs.


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