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If you own an automobile in the United States of America, you will agree with me that its purchase and maintenance can be capital-intensive. The cost of the cars is estimated to be in the region of thousands of dollars, the price of the car is increased as time goes on due to the maintenance and insurance premium payments. The good news is that there are feasible ways to cut down on these expenses and ensure the process of purchasing, and maintaining an automobile does not put you in debt. You can make use of coupons provided by the car producers and brands to reduce the cost of purchase and maintenance.

How to Save Cash When Purchasing A Vehicle

There are several places you can check to find a car. There are a lot of online retailers that provide you with a broad collection of brand new and reasonably used automobiles that are in excellent condition as well as coupons that can help you save some funds.

When you shop on, you have access to various cars that are new and used. This website is one of the numerous retailers who provide auto coupons for their users. They ensure more coupons are added to offer cheap deals on their products. Presently, GoodShop gives out coupons for:

A Free Trade-in Evaluation

You have access to a 10-20% discount on 2016 models of vehicles like Dodge Journey, Jeep Compass, Ford Fusion and Hyundai Elantra.

Availability of discount of 10-20% on 2015 models like Jeep Renegade and Dodge Dart. is another website that provides car rental services as they make use of fairly used vehicles for their plan called “Rent2Buy”. For those individuals searching for cars that are still under the mileage of 50,000 at an affordable price. You can also get auto coupons on, and these are the current provisions of the coupons for used automobiles that are available on Retail Me Not website:

  • A discount of $350 when you buy the car
  • A discount of $100 off Rent2Buy used car purchases
  • A discount of $250 for members of AAA

Though CarsDirect and Hertz are great places to buy your cars, you can also explore the local options around you. Dealer websites are fantastic places to get coupons. Most dealers are known to provide coupons in exchange for cash of a brand new and used car with the provision of extra trade-in value if you have a car to sell.

Coupons for Car Maintenance

After acquiring a new car, what should be the next line of action?

A new car will be useful to you for years to come. It is important to note that constant maintenance is needed to keep the vehicle in great shape. If you have mechanical capabilities, you can work on your car without employing the services of a mechanic. You will need the expertise and experience of a technician to help you fix your car from time to time if you are not talented in that area. There are available coupons for the maintenance and car parts of your vehicle on some websites.

As a person with the capacity to fix your vehicle without the help of a mechanic, the best way to save cost is to repair your automobile. Retailers such as Advance Auto Parts and Autozone can assist you with auto coupons. For quality auto parts and accessories at competitive prices, Autozone is the place to go. According to Groupon, these are its coupon details:

  • Discount of 20% Off including a $10 Gift Card
  • Discount of 10% Off Online or $5 In-Store
  • Availability of free $15 Gift Card with Purchase
  • Entitled to Free Shipping on $75+ orders

For quality parts and accessories with affordable prices, Advance Auto Parts is a great place to visit. These are the coupon offers according to RetailMeNot:

  • Discount of 30% off a $50 plus Purchase Sitewide
  • Discount of $40% off a regular price item for speed Perks Members
  • Free shipping on Orders over $75

If your desire is to have a comprehensive maintenance on your car, various platforms can provide you with various cost-effective coupons. An example is the Sears Auto Center with a group of competent garages that have the ability to carry out any maintenance function on your automobile. On this site, you have access to various coupons for the maintenance items of your car. Presently, these are some of the coupons available:

  • $16.99 Oil Change
  • Up to 44% Off Wheel Alignment

For your car maintenance details, PepBoys is an incredible outfit that can handle jobs that pertain to oil, brakes, and mufflers. PepBoys have monthly specials where you can get coupons and each month ensure you get services at a reduced cost. For this current month, these are the deals from the PepBoys website:

  • Discount up to $300 off wheel alignment
  • Discount of 15% off Select Service
  • $49.99 Alignment with purchase and installation of four tires
  • 50% Off Installation of Shocks or Struts or 20% Off DIY Shocks or Struts
  • Discount of $20 Off Synthetic Oil Change Service
  • Discount of $20 Off Installation of 4 Wheels
  • Access to Free Battery Installation
  • Provision of $15 Off Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Service Package

Check the websites and flyers of these brand to compare; you can also explore the local options available to you. This will give you access to attractive deals that are worth buying.

With this information, you can have your dream cars with the help of these coupons as you do not have to have a sleepless night over owning your vehicle. If you follow the guidelines in this article, you will save yourself a lot of money that would have spent on the purchase of cars, accessories, body parts and its maintenance.

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